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I swear, all I wanted to do was get out of the heat...

How did I end up spending a bunch of money I don't have at CompUSA? :P

Well, to qualify my spending spree story, I have to mention that I RARELY (if ever) buy new computers. I've bought only two computers before in my life and both have been VERY low end PCs - enough for me to just barely get by. The first one I bought, lasted me 6 years and I didn't buy my second one until my first one was ready to die a quiet death...

Lately, I've been noticing that my PC doesn't have sufficient RAM in order for me to do the things I need to (want to) do with it... When I open Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and an Explorer window (which I need to do my sites,) it constantly crashes on me. :P Mark kept telling me that I should a) buy and install more RAM, or b) just buy a better, higher quality laptop (which would solve my internet access problems when I travel)...

I know you're all ahead of me already and know that "b" was probably the route I took today. :P All I said to Mark this afternoon was that it was incredibly humid and I wanted to be in air conditioning. He got this bright idea that we should go and look at the laptops at CompUSA because there was a big sale that was ending today. Phooey on him... :P

At first I looked at the selection of laptops and thought that though they'd be nice to have, it'd probably take three paychecks, at least for me to pay it off... So we were about to leave - when Mark found an HP Pavilion laptop that had everything I was looking for. Dammit! It was small enough for me to lug around if I needed to, but had 1 Gig of RAM - which I was really thrilled about AND it came with a free printer AND a $200 rebate...

Darn, when things like that present itself to me, I have to take advantage of it. :P So, I bought it. And yes, I used my credit (and it'll probably take me three paychecks to pay off) but I've been pretty good about trying to save money recently and I consider it an investment for the future.... Plus it's a GREAT little laptop!

I have it out and am fussing with it right now... It's amazing what a faster, better computer can do. I'm so used to my low-end models that when my laptop opens a program that took FOREVER on my PC (like Acrobat) really quickly, I'm almost frightened. ;) I think it's good that I've finally graduated to a decent computer, maybe it won't take me forever to update my sites anymore.

And to think, all I really intended to do this afternoon was get out of the heat... :P Gosh, I sure hope the weather cools off tomorrow - my wallet can't take anymore hot days... ;)
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