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Just came home from a fabulous dinner with Susan. :)

It's always so nice to see her, but the nicest thing about our dinners is the girl-talk. :) And tonight Susan said the sweetest thing to me... She told me that when all of us go out together, she sees the way that Mark & I talk to each other and she can tell we're perfect for each other. :) In a way it made me sad, though because I realized the reason why I miss Mark so much isn't because I'm lonely, but I really miss sharing the mundane day to day things with him because he truly is my best friend. *SIGH* Is it the 17th yet?? :(

In theatre news, Julie Dixon Jackson's show "The Wild Party" opened last night at the Blank Theatre. :) Read some great audience reactions to the opening night show and found a lot of pictures of the production online - and I can't wait to see it! :)

In short "Commander In Chief" news, I have to say a big WOO HOO for Julie getting so much air time in Tuesday night's episode! :) Not only did she have a lot of air time, but she's already establishing herself as a character with a lot of compassion (I loved the scene where she's trying to get Rebecca out of the car) and who could possibly play a larger role (as sort of a confidant to Rebecca) as the series progresses.

I enjoyed Tuesday's episode (mostly due to the focus on Mac's family.) Didn't like how they constantly beat us over the head with the "gender role" issue (I think that's getting kind of old...) What I'd like to see in upcoming episodes is how Mac's personality and integrity influences her role in the White House and with her family, not just the simple fact that she's a woman president...

And finally, because I was tagged by audienceawaits, I stole this:

[x]three names you go by[x]
1. Sheri
2. Sheri-girl (to any one of my bosses)
3. Sheri-Lynn (to Julie Ann, Kevin, or sometimes Julie Dixon Jackson) :)

[x]three parts of your heritage[x]
1. Japanese
2. that's
3. about it...

[x]three things that scare you[x]
1. losing loved ones
2. close minded people not even willing to listen to an opposing view :P
3. public speaking

[x]three of your everyday essentials[x]
1. talking to Mark :)
2. checking email
3. giving Sydney attention

[x]three things you are wearing right now[x]
1. my wedding ring
2. shorts
3. hawaiian earrings that my Mom got me for Christmas three years ago

[x]three favorite musical artists[x]
1. Kevin Earley (he counts, right?)
2. Norm Lewis (I love his voice!)
3. Bets Malone (she counts too, right?)

[x]three favorite songs[x]
1. I Chose Right - Baby
2. Sailing - A New Brain
3. This Is Not Over Yet - Parade

[x]three things you want in a relationship[x]
1. someone who's my best friend
2. love
3. trust

[x]two truths and a lie[x] (can you tell which is the lie?)
1. I'm not even 5 feet tall
2. I'm the yongest grandchild on both sides of my family
3. I lived in California for four years

[x]three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you[x]
1. Eyes! (So important - they're the windows to the soul, after all!)
2. Smile - equally important! A guy with a killer smile gets me all the time! :)
3. Have to agree with Gill here and say - Hands.

[x]three of your favorite hobbies[x]
1. Traveling to see great musical theatre
2. Creating & maintaining websites for great musical theatre performers
3. In short - musical theatre!! See a trend? ;)

[x]three things you want to do really badly right now[x]
1. Talk to Mark! :(
2. Sleep in tomorrow
3. Get my BetsMalone.Com email to work. :P

[x]three places you want to go on vacation[x]
1. NYC
2. LA
3. Japan :(

[x]three things you want to do before you die[x]
1. Make sure that everyone I care about knows how much they've touched my life
2. Start a family!
3. Make a difference in the life of someone else

[x]three ways that you are stereotypically a chick/dude[x]
1. I adore soft, fuzzy animals and always say things like, "Awwwww!" whenever I see them. :)
2. I tend to be way too emotional at times
3. I love to go shopping

[x]three people i would like to see take this quiz[x]
1. hubbaswubba
2. sabine10
3. smittenbyu

Hope you all have a nice evening! :)
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