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Yay! The hubby comes home tomorrow! :D

Sorry I haven't been around much lately... :( With Mark not around, there really hasn't been much to write about. I did get an email from him the other day and apparently he's come down with a cold. :( Poor Mark! :( And although he's having a great time, he really sounds like he's ready to come home. His flight actually gets in on Monday morning so by the time I come home from work, he'll be back. :) I can't wait, this has been a LONG two weeks!

Speaking of traveling, I've been toying with the idea of planning a neighbor island getaway together with the hubby (since our 7th anniversary is just around the corner). Aloha Airlines is running a special airfare deal - just $33 one way!! It's never been that inexpensive before!! The problem is that neither one of us has a free weekend between now and the time that the air fare special ends. :( It would've been nice to get away for the weekend - especially since we don't usually get to visit the neighbor islands. :)

In happy November trip planning news, Kristi Holden (who starred with Kevin in "Carousel" in Thousand Oaks a few years ago) messaged me to let me know that she's been cast as Nanette in Musical Theatre Guild's reading of "No, No Nanette" on November 14th!! I'm so excited because I'd planned on seeing this anyway... The fact that Kristi is starring in it just makes it that much better. :)

And finally, I found this on angeldove's journal:

Your Husband and You - The Past, Present and Future
The Basics
Where did you meet?:In the parking lot of the Hawaii Jaycee office - it was before Christmas caroling and I thought his first name was Fooj. :D
Were you friends first?:In a way...
How long did you date?:Not too long, maybe three months or so before we got engaged...
How long have you been married?:In November it'll be 7 years. :)
What is your anniversary date?:November 21st
The Past
Where did you meet?:In the parking lot of the Hawaii Jaycee office.
Was it love at first sight?:No, it really wasn't... I thought he was a nice guy, but no...
Who asked who on the 1st date?:He did - he asked me if I was doing anything on Saturday and asked if I wanted to "hang out" - I'm still unsure if that was a date. ;)
Where did you go on the 1st date?:Went out to eat dinner at Pietro's Restaurant. :)
Did you like him any better then?:I don't understand this question, obviously - I like him (and love him) much more than I did then...
How was the 1st kiss?:Very sweet.
The Present
Do you still hold hands?:Yes we do! :)
Do you still kiss? (and enjoy it?):Yes (of course.) :)
Do you LOVE your in-laws?:I really like my in-laws, they're sweet.
Does he love yours?:I think he and my Mom really get along. :)
Do you have children yet?:No children, just a fuzzy dog. :)
What are their names and ages?:The fuzzy dog is 8 years old and her name is Sydney. :)
Did he/Does he help you change the diapers?:No diapers needed in raising a puppy. ;)
Who has control in this relationship?:Both of us...
What does he do that annoys you the most?:Hmmmm.... if I had to pick one thing it would be his habit of procrastinating.
Is he a changed man since the marriage?:Not so much - just little things, like he's a little better about talking about his feelings (and taking out the trash) ;)
Has he gained 50 lbs and complete possession of the remote control?:He has complete possession of the remote only because I don't watch TV. ;) He and I have both gained weight since the wedding, but we're trying to be healthier.
Are you still friends?:He's my best friend!!!
Do you still love each other as much as the day you married?:More! Each day there are more things to learn about him and more things to love. :)
The Future
How long do you plan on staying married to this man?:What kind of question is this? :P Forever - he's my soulmate!
Are you going to have/ have more children?:This is still up for debate, but as of now I don't think so...
How Many?:See answer above...
What Names?:??
Is he going to help change the diapers?:What is this fascination with diapers in this quiz?
Who is in control of this relationship?:And the fascination with control?? :P
Are you happy with your pick?:Of course! We were made for each other!
Take this survey | Find more surveys

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. I'm off to go to the market (yes, there's no food in the house!) :P

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