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I've been a baaaad girl...

Okay yesterday was the first day that I chose not to go to Curves. :( I fear that might start a really bad precedent for me. I've felt like NOT going before, but I always ended up going anyway... I'm afraid that it'll be easier and easier for me to NOT go now. :( And I've promised myself, no matter how much I don't want to go today - I'm just going to have to.

UGH - someone I know is trying to get me involved in his network marketing "plan"... I know that not all of them are bad - but I've been majorly turned off to the idea by an ex-fiancee who was so fanatical about it that it ended up breaking us up... :( My problem is that I'm horrible at telling people "No" (evidenced by the fact that I stayed in Jaycees for so long). :P And he's a client of mine, so I really don't want to "offend" him... I hate this...

I've never done an entry from work before (this is the first time). Things here have slowed only slightly since tax season ended... Sometimes I feel frustrated here - I have a college degree (Okay, so it's not the right one for THIS particular field...which is a whole other story and an entirely different post all its own...) and my securities and insurance licenses, and nearly 10 years of experience at the bank, yet I've become basically a "glorified secretary"... But, hey - it pays my mortgage and bills so guess I really can't complain...

Edited to add: that my job isn't really supposed to be like this - it just sort of morphed itself into me doing all the paperwork and clerical stuff and NOT meeting with clients over the years to help out my boss...And though I love working for him, sometimes I get a little frustrated here...

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