Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

As promised, a few pictures of Mark's trip to Japan. :)

I wish I could post them all, but he took over 350 pictures. I just had to choose a few of the ones I liked best (and most of them had to do with food and eating! - You could totally tell what was the highlight of this trip for him) :)

Mark helped a little with the names of the locations for the captions and I apologize if I've spelled anything wrong (as I've said before, I'm a poor excuse for a Japanese person) ;) I hope you enjoy these. :)

Japan through the eyes of my hubby! :)

My sister-in-law Julie, my mother-in-law, and Mark in front of the Okurayama Ski Jump in Sapporo.

Here's Mark standing next to a big "ageimo" which was battered deep fried potato on a stick.
He really enjoyed it and said it tasted just like an andagi. :)

They went apple picking in Soubetsu! :)
Here's Mark pretending to pick apples (he's not a big fan of them so he's only acting here.) ;)

Here's Mark, Julie, his Mom, and his Dad wearing their yukatas for a nice dinner in Noboribetsu. :)

Mark at the sulfer field in Noboribetsu.
The one thing he said he was thankful for here was his missing sense of smell. ;)

Ah! Here's Mark eating the squid ink ice cream at the Asaichi Market in Hakodate.
Blech! :P The surprising thing was that he actually liked it. Blah!

Catching the train from Hakodate to Aomori.
Mark was feeling a little under the weather that day and he said it was a LONG trip! :P

This looked like a lot of fun!!
Here's Mark making his own senbei (Japanese tea cookie) in the Morioka Handi-works Square.

Mark's Mom and Julie in front of another sulfer spring in Kusatsu.

Here's Julie buying arare that was freshly fried and dipped in shoyu.
YUM! I would've really gone for that if I was there!

Here's a nice picture of the famous lantern in the shrine in Asakusa.

And finally, Mark and his parents outside of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

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