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I'm guessing...

...that skipping Curves on Monday was a bad idea. :( I did go today, but basically sucked wind the entire time! And now I'm paying for it in the leg pain department. :( I'm dreading the weigh and measure thing tomorrow ENORMOUSLY - how embarrassing would it be if they saw me working out there every day and I actually gained inches instead of lost them? :( UGH...

Wanted to apologize for my little rant about work earlier - sometimes I get frustrated because I don't enjoy my job the way I should... I feel like I've wasted my parents' money by getting a degree in something I will presumably never use and I feel creatively stifled at my current job. (Creativity is not really an asset at the fact, in some cases it's HIGHLY discouraged) ;) But at the risk of this turning into another rant, I'll just say that every once in a while an overwhelming "I want a new job" feeling comes over me and I guess that might explain a little about how I was feeling today.

Non-work related: My Mom's camera is on the fritz. :( She just discovered it as she was packing for the trip last night. Unfortunately, I don't have a small point and shoot anymore that she can use (my old one broke a long time ago) and I think it may be easier for her to buy a new one than to teach her how to use my Canon... I adore my Mom, but explaining technical gadgets to her always gives me somewhat of a headache. :)

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