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Running out the door, VERY late for work, but I wanted to share my joy in FINALLY being set theatre-wise for my next LA/SF trip! :) Can I just mention how much I LOVE Goldstar!! :D

Here's my theatre schedule:

Nov 11th - The Grand Tour @ The Colony (Yay for Goldstar! )
Nov 12th (mat) - The Drowsy Chaperone @ Ahmanson (already got my tickets for only $20!)
Nov 12th (eve) - Hooray for Love! @ The Luckman Fine Arts Complex (I REALLY love Goldstar!!)
Nov 13th (mat) - Can't see a show Ovation volunteer orientation that day
Nov 13th (eve) - The Grand Tour @ The Colony Theatre (YAY for Goldstar!!)
Nov 14th - Ovation Awards @ The Orpheum Theatre in LA (volunteering)
Nov 16th - White Christmas @ Orpheum in SF (where my conference is!) Tix were so darn expensive, but they're purchased! Woo!
Nov 17th - Prelude to a Kiss @ SF Playhouse (I love Goldstar!)
Nov 18th - Open Window @ Pasadena Playhouse (Woo hoo for Linda!!)
Nov 19th (mat) - Bark! @ The Coast Playhouse (Woo hoo! Got my tickets through Goldstar!)
Nov 19th (eve) - The Wild Party @ The Blank Theatre (No discount...if I had only used the one Julie gave me back in August... ) Tickets purchased in any case!
Nov 20th (mat) - King & I @ Musical Theatre West (Woo hoo for Goldstar! )
Nov 20th (eve) - Nothing

Hope you all have a nice day!! :)
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