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I know still have A LOT of work to do on it, but...

...for some strange reason I was really in the mood to redesign Kevin's site tonight (it surprised me more than anyone, actually) ;). I blame it entirely on a book from Borders I just purchased today about the use of color in websites. :) Lots of things still need work, but I've uploaded preliminary shells of two pages that I've completed tonight. The index image really needs to be saved again at a higher resolution and I still can't figure out what to do with the home page text, but I wanted to ask everyone's opinion before I get ready to send the preliminary links to Kevin for his approval.

Here's the link, if anyone is interested:
VERY preliminary pages I worked on tonight

Basically, it's only two pages, the index and home pages (the links on the home page don't go anywhere yet, but clicking "Enter" on the index will get you to the home page.) I'd appreciate any opinions you may have on it, whether it looks too busy with the background image, and what I could possibly do to break up the text on the home page (the borders for the tables below the updates look awful and I'm very open to suggestions on changing it.) :)

Thanks so much in advance! :)
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