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First thing's first...

...the ending of Commander In Chief was just SO... Lurie!! :O I'm so glad that he ended his last episode with a bang. :) It really reminds me of the plot twists in Line of Fire (which I'm beginning to realize how much I miss) Makes me wonder how the series is going to change in Steven Bochco's hands... And on a Julie note, I did think it was a good sign that even if Julie's character was gone, her name was still mentioned in the episode, it gives me hope. :)

Sorry, just had to get my weekly Commander In Chief ramble out of the way first...

On a completely different non-TV note, my Mom just came home tonight from a six day stay in Hilo to visit my grandmother. For those who haven't heard me speak about my grandmother yet; she's an amazing 92 year old woman who still cooks a HUGE meal every Sunday for our whole family, makes sushi for everyone in the neighborhood, and does things like chase wild chickens out of her yard with a broom. She's so strong and active (not to mention very stubborn and spunky) that we think she'll probably outlive us all. ;)

She's so strong and spunky, in fact, that every visit my Mom has with her will turn into a test of wills before it's over. Usually her trips to see my grandmother are only a couple of days, so I fear they may have killed each other during this extra long trip. ;P I'm calling her tomorrow to find out how many "bakatares" were yelled this time (my measure of how good of a trip it was is determined by how many "bakatares" my grandma yells at my Mom during the course of her stay.) ;) And for those of you who don't know, the best translation I can come up with for "bakatare" is... stupid, maybe? I don't know how to say much in Japanese, but I do know how to swear - all coutesy of my grandmother, of course. ;)

In GREAT NYC news, I finally found a flight that we could afford! :) YAY for Priceline! :) Thankfully, it matches our schedule perfectly and now I can seriously start buying our theatre tickets! So far we're seeing Light In the Piazza on the 12th, and Spamalot on the 14th. I hope to be able to get tickets to - Rabbit Hole (I ADORE David Lindsey-Abaire!), Sweeney Todd, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and of course, Spelling Bee. Mark's actually really excited about the trip, too so that's an added bonus! :D

Speaking of NYC, I wanted to wish broadway_rose a very happy birthday today (I know it's not the 8th anymore where she lives, but it still is here!) Hope you had a lovely day, Meredyth! :D Big *HUGS* to you!

I'd better run, I still have a lot of things to do in preparation for my trip on Thursday (not the least of which is to actually start packing!) :P Hope you're all having a nice evening!!
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