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The Ovation Awards! :)

Last night was SO much fun, but SO exhausting! I met a lot of really great people and got to see a pretty big awards show from backstage. :) The Ovations, to those not familiar with it, is the biggest Awards show for theatre in LA (kind of the Tony Awards for the West Coast). I'm really glad that I volunteered to help out,... what an experience! :)

Being A Presenter Escort

The first thing we did as "Presenter Escorts" was wait backstage for our assigned presenter to show up. When it was 7:15pm and there was still no sign of my guy, I started getting worried. They passed around a list of presenters and John McDaniel was no where to be seen on the list! A little worried, I went over to talk to one of the stage managers. What if I'd been assigned to someone who'd cancelled and I was there waiting for nothing? The stage manager told me that John was indeed going to be there, but that he was a "surprise" presenter and would probably just go to his seat so he didn't draw any attention. That was all fine and good, but when I got him from the house, how would I know that I was getting the right man?

Thankfully the stage manager agreed and took me into the house to meet him. He looked a lot different than I expected. He was VERY handsome, and had light brown hair and a little goatie. Apparently, he was the band leader on Rosie O'Donnell's show (you guys were right!) and had musically directed "Taboo," "Grease," and several recordings such as "The Maury Yeston Songbook." I was introduced to him and I told him I'd be getting him in the middle of the show and we rushed back off to go backstage.

When it came time in the show for me to get him, the stage managers at the "entrance" side of the stage were panicking. They came up to me and said, "Get John McDaniel, but get him fast!" I went into the house and retrieved him and we hurried backstage. I apologized to him for the rush, and he was the nicest guy - he said, "Oh, don't worry at all! There's no rush! There's lots of time, it's not even 10pm yet." :) His performance was one of the nicest, funniest, and best parts of the entire evening. :) And aside from the slight mishap of him rushing back to his seat (and me having to hunt him down so that he could go to the greenroom to take photos) everything turned out quite well.

Sadly, none of my favorites won. :( And sitting in the greenroom, it was hard to tell exactly which awards they were presenting at any given time (we had no audio feed or monitors back there). The nice thing was that we did get to see all the winners, up close, coming downstairs to get their photos taken with their awards. It was actually more exciting backstage at times, than it was in the house...

After the show!

When the show was over, we walked out and the lobby of the theatre was packed! It was hard to even move! I said HI to Ronn Gosswick (who does the PR for MTW, and is a stage manager in LA), and caught glances of Eric Anderson, and some other LA theatre actors. I was with Tina (another volunteer I'd met) and we were looking for her friend (who was also working in the show.) On our way there, I happened to see... Nick! I was SO happy to see him! :D He gave me a HUGE hug and said, "I heard you were here!" I was shocked! Who knew I was going? He said, "Kevin told me." Kevin? Kevin didn't know I'd be there! "No, it must have been Bets," Nick said. I asked him where she was because I wanted to say HI, but sadly he said they were all outside, ready to go, waiting in the limo. :( I spoke with him for a bit more, and took a photo with him (I just couldn't resist...) and then he left.

The After-Party

Went to the "after-party" for a while and saw Steven from BWW.Com. We chatted for a moment and he said he'd never been to an awards show and that it was probably the happiest day of his life, just being there to see everyone. :) As we were standing there, Joan Almedilla passed by and we started speaking with her. She was lovely and told us that she was going back in to "Les Mis" and that LM was going to be playing at the Pantages. :) She was very gracious, and very talkative, and we spent quite a while chatting with her. Which reminds me, Kristine Remigio won the Best Actress Ovation for "Miss Saigon" and she was so cute and little when we saw her backstage - and was several months pregnant! :)

It was a fun evening, but by the end my feet were killing me! I ended up meeting some great people, got the chance to see Nick, and even got to meet John McDaniel. I'm really happy that I ended up going! :) Wanted to leave you with a few (VERY few pictures I managed to take that evening.)

The outside of the Orpheum, all decked out for the Ovations. :)

With Tina, another volunteer that I friended that evening. :)

I look HORRIBLE in this photo, but Nick looks terrific! I love his blonde hair!! :D

I'm off to pack all my things, I fly out to SF this morning to start my conferences for work. :) Hope you all have a nice day! :D
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