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A quick update from San Francisco! :)

Well, I'm finally in San Francisco! :) I just checked into the hotel and oh my gosh - it's beautiful! For someone who is SO used to minimalist hotels (just for the sake of somewhere to sleep...) This is gorgeous! :) The room is HUGE, and the bed looks SO comfortable! I wish I was staying here longer than just three nights. :)

I have to say that from what I've seen, the city is incredibly beautiful! As we were driving over the Bay Bridge this evening at sunset, I couldn't believe just how beautiful everything was... This is only my second time in SF and I wasn't too fond of the city on my first trip (I'm not quite sure why). I can already tell that this trip will leave me with a much better impression. :)

The first thing I did when I got here was head across the street to Mel's Drive In and I ordered the BEST Supreme Hamburger in the world (it had american cheese, bacon, and ham... YUM!) with a side of onion rings - it was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. Too bad the service was so bad - the guy who took my order was SO rude. :[ It's a shame though, because I'd really like to go back there - hopefully he isn't working when I go back tomorrow. :P

My conference begins at 7:30 tomorrow morning. :[ I saw a lot of men standing around talking outside in the lobby who were all wearing suits - so I'm sure they're here for the conference - somehow they just look like NASD people. ;P Once again (like last year) I don't feel like I fit in here. Everyone is YEARS older than me and the industry is all dominated by older men in suits... :P Hopefully the conference will be okay... I'm starting to feel a little of that apprehension again. :P

On a non-SF note, Mark went to see the special advance preview of "Rent" last night. He had free tickets because his printing company printed all the promotional material for our local radio station (who was sponsoring the premiere). He loved it and he promised me that we'll both see it once I come home. :) I can't believe that just a few months ago, he hadn't even heard the music from "Rent" - now he's a bonafied addict. ;)

I'm off to take a VERY long (and much needed) shower and then crawl into my huge, comfy bed. Hope you're all having a nice evening! :)
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