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Shopping bliss... :D

And so the conference continues. The best part of today was taking a "carryout" version of the lunch they provided (salmon and caesar salad - YUM!) and heading over to the San Francisco Shopping Center for a quick little shopping trip during lunch. :) The mall was HUGE!! So huge in fact, the first three floors (or so!) were all shops (like Victoria's Secret, etc.) and all the floors above it were Nordstrom! I was in shopping heaven!!

I bought some shoes from Nordstrom, then walked over to the Virgin Megastore on Market Street where I bought; "Applause" (the original cast recording), "Brownstone - The Musical," "Anything Goes" (it's a unique recording I've never seen before with Gregg Edelman, Louise Gold, etc. - I had to get it), and "Sail Away" (the original London cast recording with Elaine Stritch). I know that in the case of both "Applause" and "Sail Away" I'll be VERY disappointed at the men singing the roles of Bill Sampson and Johnny Van Meir (*SIGH*) but, I was curious to hear the original recordings of both shows. :)

Spent some time this evening at a reception with the two men from my home office. They were pretty amusing outside of the office and one (who I normally don't get along with much at work, I was able to laugh and have a great time talking to...) I think that's one of the nicest things about these conferences, getting to know these people outside of work. I really enjoyed my time with them. :)

On a Kevin note, found some pictures of him from the Harold Arlen concert on BWW.Com. I didn't know it but John McDaniel was the musical director for the concert that night. :) Small world! :) And I've been looking everywhere, but NO photos of the Ovations anywhere on any of the wire sites. :[ There were SO many photographers (and press) there that night! Where the heck were they all from? And the Ovations were being filmed for Showtime... I haven't heard anything about it airing. :P

Tomorrow I fly back to Burbank and tomorrow night I'm meeting lindasings for dinner and then "Open Window" at Pasadena Playhouse. It'll be SO nice to see her since I missed seeing her at the Ovations! It'll also be nice to be back in LA. I really like SF, but going back to LA is like going home. :) I may not have internet access after I leave tomorrow (I know my hotel in Burbank has NO wireless...) so if I'm not able get online after tomorrow, have a nice weekend everyone! :D
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