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I swear...

...I must've purchased the VERY last two Ted's Chocolate Cream pies on the island of Oahu! :P I went to five markets yesterday in my frantic pie-buying quest and NONE of them had any chocolate cream pies left... I saw pumpkin/haupia (blech!) all over the darn place, but no chocolate anywhere! :( When I was finally about to give up and go home, I found (what I think were the last two on the island) sitting in a refrigerated case in Daiei. :) Yay for persistence! :)

Speaking of pies, there's apparently a place here in town called Lee's that's supposed to sell THE BEST custard pies on the island. I heard yesterday that people stood in a line for over two hours to purchase them. :P That's a little ridiculous, I think... the pies there might be good, but not worth standing in line for two hours! :P

I wanted to thank you all so much for all the lovely anniversary wishes that you all sent over the other day. :) Mark and I had a very nice anniversary - he absolutely loved the Nintendo DS that I got him (though all he does now is fiddle with it, so I'm wondering if I inadvertently shot myself in the foot with that gift) ;) We haven't gone anywhere to celebrate yet (since I've been so exhausted from the trip), but we'll probably go somewhere this weekend to celebrate. :)

This morning we're off to the in-laws for a nice lunch with all of Mark's relatives and then this evening we're off to my uncle's house with my Mom for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. :) We usually don't do the traditional turkey and stuffing for dinner when we just go to dinner at my Mom's, but every year my uncle receives a HUGE cooked turkey (with all the trimmings) from a friend of his as a gift and he's nice enough to invite us all over every year to help them eat it. :) And though the turkey is always delicious, his friend's wife makes THE BEST stuffing (her own homemade secret recipe) ever! I can't wait to eat it! :)

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and are able to spend time with those you love!! Big *HUGS* to all of you!! :)
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