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My trip to LA...

...The HIGHLIGHTS and some "Other things that happened"...

Just got off the plane a couple of hours ago and I'm slowly making my way through all the LJ entries that I missed while I was gone and wading through all my email, but I thought I'd quickly recap some of the best (and worst) parts of my recent trip to LA...while I still remember them (old age, remember?) ;)


1. Spending time with my Mom! :)

I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to get to spend so much quality time with her... (It's a shame, but usually even though she lives only half an hour away from me and we talk on the phone every day, I hardly get to spend time with her - so this weekend was really nice. :)) We had a wonderful time together the entire trip...and surprisingly didn't drive each other crazy (which is key to any good trip with Mom) :). We got to talk and catch up on everything that's been happening in our lives and we got to eat some really great food (which is always nice for Mother/daughter bonding - but not so nice for the waistline...) and see some great theatre. :)

2. Kevin's Mother's Day Concert -

I loved the concert! Kevin was fantastic and proved that whether he's in an elaborate musical or simply standing center stage and belting some awesome songs - he's phenomenal. Merideth Kaye Clark was the featured soprano with him and she was WONDERFUL - so wonderful that on several occasions, I fear she stole the show... Ooops! Her "Altos Lament" was absolutely hilarious and was one of the comedic highlights of the entire concert.

The most touching moment of the show was when Kevin sang "Mama, A Rainbow" and dedicated it to his Mother who was sitting in the audience that afternoon. It was so beautiful that everyone in the audience got rather teary - AND the most endearing thing was at the end when he blew her a huge kiss - it was so sweet!

All the wonderful-ness of Kevin and Merideth's singing aside, one of the highlights of the concert had to be meeting a group of Kevin fans who happened to be sitting right next to me. :) I overheard them mention Kevin before the show started and I asked them if they were fans of his and that started a long, great conversation. I think that's the thing I enjoy most about going to his shows - meeting other fans of his and hearing other people in the audience praise his talent - it just doesn't get any better than that. :)

At intermission, I ran into Kevin's Mom - who was such a dear and greeted me so warmly. :) I introduced my Mom to her and we spent a few minutes talking about the concert and about Kevin.

Got to speak with Kevin briefly after the show, but we mostly talked about Julie and how wonderful she was in "Boy Gets Girl" (not to mention how young she looked - which I think was due to her costumes in the show - REALLY a huge difference from what she normally looks like). He posed for a few photos for me and then I had to run - Mom & I were headed off to dinner and didn't want to be late. It was a great concert and the best part about the whole thing was that my Mom enjoyed it so much... (she even allowed me to take her photo with Kevin! - Imagine that!) :)

Here's a photo I took of him with the girls I met at the show:

"Other things..."

1. The great Hollywood Bowl waiting game -

UGH! What a waste of our Saturday morning! :( I had heard that the Hollywood Bowl box office opened at 10 am on May 10th and I thought since I'd be in town, I'd buy all of our "My Fair Lady" tickets in person -- BIG MISTAKE! Mom and I got to the Bowl at quarter till 10 and there must've been close to 400 people there already. We had to stand in line to get wrist bands that had a number that they would call so we could stand in another line to purchase tickets! Pretty ridiculous... And I was number 359!! UGH!

When noon rolled around and they were still calling numbers 113-115, I decided to call Mark and find out if the tickets were available online... (Which I didn't think they would be or why would the hundreds of people there put up with the hours of waiting in the hot sun??) Well, WAS available through the internet... SO I asked Mark to purchase me the 6 tickets that I had been waiting nearly two and a half hours to buy! He got okay seats via Ticketmaster (so I really shouldn't complain) - but I was just furious that I had to waste my entire morning waiting for nothing... :(

2. The great restaurant waiting game -

I soon came to the realization that this would be an entire weekend of waiting... from the silly Hollywood Bowl incident to the restaurants that we went to... I realize that Mother's Day weekend is one of the busiest times for all restaurants, but to wait 2 hours to be seated at Olive Garden on Sunday night was a bit tiring. Not that I'm complaining... those poor people who worked there were so overworked that night that I felt really bad for them... :(

But the "Other things..." aside, it was truly a wonderful trip and knowing that my Mom had a nice time on Mother's Day ("It was Mother's Day all weekend", she told me later) :) was probably the single thing that made everything about this trip worthwhile. :)
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