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First of all...

....I wanted to thank you all SO much for the sweet comments you left in my last post. They were all so touching to read that it made me extremely teary. Big *HUGS* to all of you!!

I ended up calling in sick today. :P I rarely call in sick so I felt extremely guilty about it especially because I had a big meeting that my BIG boss depended on me to go to with him. :( But when I woke up without a voice (I have a severe case of laryngitis!) :( and with SO much congestion in my chest that I could barely breathe (I seriously thought I was going to hack up a lung this morning.) :(, I knew that even if I did make it to work, I'd be of no use to anyone. :( I left a message on my BIG boss' cell phone about the meeting and found someone to cover for me... Hopefully he isn't terribly upset - I just hate letting people down! :(

This laryngitis thing really annoys me though... I've never completely lost my voice before and it's pretty hard on someone like me who loves to talk. ;) My voice was already pretty bad yesterday at work and it was funny because NO ONE recognized me when I called them. I got several "Sheri... Sheri who?" and even a "Who is this?" Today it's much worse, though because I can't even squeak out a simple sentence. :P

Hopefully all of this will go away soon (except, of course, for my voice, which I want back):P Tomorrow night is our department's holiday party. In addition to the nice dinner and open bar - which all of our Reps love, this year our company was nice enough to give the back office staff individual rooms at the hotel for the night of the party, so Mark & I will be staying over a night in Waikiki. :) I was really looking forward to this, because I love spending time with my work mates (outside of work), I just hope I'll feel up to going... :P

I'm off to see if my doctor can see me today and possibly hack up another lung... :P
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