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What's Christmas without a Sydney Dog post?

"A Very Fuzzy Christmas" Sydney M. Dog :)

A recap of our morning at the in-laws seen through the eyes of our fuzzy dog. :)

We got up early this morning to go to (Mark's parents') house for Christmas breakfast. All the food looked and smelled so good, but sadly no one fed me a thing there, :( even when I gave them my saddest puppy dog eyes! :( Thankfully, after breakfast they all sat around opening gifts and there were even some gifts for me! Here I am telling Mark to hurry up and open my toy - I couldn't wait to squeak it!

My toy was a really squeaky stuffed strawberry from Japan! Here I am giving my best innocent look so that everyone would feel sorry for me and stop talking so I could play catch! :)

One of my gifts was also a really cool set of puppy stairs. :) Lately I've been having a little bit of trouble jumping up on the bed and it seems like the puppy stairs are the perfect solution! It's a shame that I spent most of the day afraid of them, though... even when Sheri tried to coax me to the top step with my toy, I just ended up walking around and snatching it back from the other side. No one's making me climb those stairs before I'm ready!

Mark seemed to be extremely happy with all gifts this year. He kept kissing his new iPod video,... apparently he really loves it.

Sheri kept trying to chase me down to take pictures, but I really just wanted to play... Doesn't she know that I'm camera shy?

That does it for our Christmas morning adventure! We're off now to visit the other side of the family (Sheri's Mom) and my neurotic, but fuzzy friend Yuki. :) I hope you all have a wonderful day and an amazing holiday season!! :) Big fuzzy *HUGS* to all of you!!
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