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Been looking at my recent journal entries...

...and I've come to the conclusion that probably something hormonal must be going on with me lately. :P Yes, I know, waaaay too much information - I just can't believe the depressing posts I've been writing recently... My apologies - and I promise, it stops here. :)

Went to Curves today and saw one of the workers there who commented that she hadn't seen me for a looong time - Ooops! :) I guess since I came in every day last month it was pretty odd that I hadn't been around for almost two weeks... I did skip out on the weigh and measure thing - I just sort of snuck in and no one really noticed I was due for a check...

Forgot my cell phone at home today and it felt like I was missing my right arm... it was surprising how much LONGER my drive home in traffic felt without it and how important my small CD collection in my car became. Though I have to say the good thing about having only three CDs available (I forgot to unpack my other ones from my trip) gave me a re-newed interest in "A Class Act" - which is still a GREAT CD and a GREAT show :) - I guess I had just forgotten...

My friend at work called me to tell me he was selling his full set of Nikon camera equipment because, like me, he never uses it and all it does is sit in his closet. He's decided to take the huge technological leap and replace it with a digital camera (he's a photographer at heart too - but works as an investment person at our bank like I do...) I don't think I've quite gotten to that point yet where a digital camera could replace my SLR - I'd definitely like to buy one - one day soon - but to sell my SLR? That's a bit too much of a leap for me right now. Yes, I know - I'm pathetic and old fashioned... :)
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