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A nice start to the year :)

We just got back from a nice New Year's dinner at my Mom's house. Each year it's become a tradition to order Chinese food and head over to my Mom's house to spend the evening with her and her neurotic fuzzy dog, Yuki. :) We had a lot of fun and ate WAAAY too much food - and ended up taking home so many leftovers! I think our healthy eating plan needs to begin soon before I have to buy a whole new (bigger) wardrobe!

The fireworks are thankfully all over and Sydney is back to her normal self. :) She always has a bit of stress whenever we visit Yuki dog, but thankfully since they just saw each other a week ago, they weren't too rowdy tonight. Surprisingly they even sat still long enough for us to take some pictures. :)

We were greeted by my Mom and a VERY hyper (but cute) Yuki dog.
I love this picture... Yuki looks like a gigantic fuzz ball here. :)

Sydney was a little tired after being chased by Yuki all evening and wasn't
really in the picture taking mood. :(

Yuki, on the other hand, was all smiles. :) I think this is the first photo
I have with her where she doesn't look completely deranged. ;)

My goal all evening was to get a photo of Yuki with her ears up.
She looks so much cuter that way (and a lot less neurotic.) :)

And after many, many tries we were finally able to get this photo with everyone in it.
It's just such a shame Sydney wasn't looking at the camera!!

Tomorrow Mark & I are visiting friends and then I'm taking Mark out to lunch to pay off a debt I have for losing an "American Idol" bet with him last year. ;) Hope you're all having a wonderful 2006 so far!
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