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LA is just around the corner! Woo!

Woo hoo! I've just completed most of our travel arrangements for our LA theatre trip in January. :) I got a GREAT price on hotels from Priceline (just $44 a night at the Extended Stay America chain), got a great price on a rental car (anyone hear of ACE rental?), and almost all of our theatre tickets purchased...

If anyone is interested, here's what we're seeing:

January 27th - City of Angels with Reprise! (Woo hoo for lindasings and Steven being there for that performance - it's going to be so nice to see them! :D
January 28th (mat) - City of Angels.... yes, again! :)
January 28th (eve) - Diva at Pasadena Playhouse! Yay for half price tickets at Goldstar!! :)
January 29th (mat) - Possibly Bark! so Mark can see Kristi. :) (hopefully others like Brandon will be in that day too!) :)
January 29th (eve) - City of Angels (We have FANTASTIC seats!) :)
January 30th - Last Five Years at Reprise! starring Jason Robert Brown (no better way that I can think of to celebrate my birthday this year) :)

In more LA theatre news, I totally want to see this! I wanted to know what Nick was up to and now I do. :) WOW! It's not been cast yet, but is it too early for me to be thinking good thoughts for a certain performer who can get up to a tenor range and who will be free once It Came From Beyond ends its run at Write Act?? :) Either way, it's a Nick production and I'd LOVE to see it! :)

And I know it's only the first week of January here, but I've already planned out in my mind the perfect shows for Kevin in 2006. ;) Here's my WISH LIST for him:

  • March 16th - April 30th: "Pilgrim" (under the direction of Nick DeGruccio)
  • June 2nd - 18th: "Johnny Guitar" at La Mirada. :) With his country music background he'd be PERFECT for this! :D
  • July 7th - August 6th: The Marriage Musicals - "The Last Five Years" and "I Do! I Do!" at Pasadena Playhouse! (I can SO see him as Jaime and Michael with either Tami or Kim Huber as the perfect Cathy and Agnes!) :D Sidenote: The Pasadena Playhouse is doing something completely wonderful this year - they're taking two actors and casting them in two different musicals and alternating them on different nights as part of the same series. I think it's spectacular idea!
Of course casting hasn't been announced yet for any of these, but a girl can dream, can't she?? ;)

We're off to visit friends, but I promise to catch up with all of your journals and comments when I get home this evening. Hope you're all having a nice Monday! :D
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