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Big plans for the weekend...

...or at least "big plans" for an old married lady like me. ;) Mark & I are going to the big opening of the Apple Store tomorrow. Mark's a total Mac guy and the opening of the very first Apple store in the island is reason for him to celebrate - so we're going to be there bright and early tomorrow. :) Being the PC person that I am, I'm not completely excited about going, but it'll be nice since I do enjoy seeing Mark so happy. :)

And whoa, in Daytime Emmy news: ...Chad didn't win... and I'm... well,... pretty speechless - though I'm happy for Jordi Vilasuso who really had a great year, IMO. Poor Chad and my poor friends who went all the way there to support him... Though I'm sure they had a good time at the awards anyway. I saw a clip of him sitting in the audience before they called the winner and I have to say a sort of surreal feeling came over me... I hadn't seen Chad on TV for so long that I had forgotten how young he looked and the last time I saw him was in NY almost 2 years ago and it was a little weird to see him on TV like that - I don't know why - it just was...

Random theatre tidbits: "Little Shop of Horrors" ( with Hunter *sigh*) :) opened tonight in Coral Gables, Florida! :) I can't wait to see it in NYC and I've already gotten Mark to commit to a NYC trip with me to see it. :) My other Broadway must sees include "Wicked", "Brooklyn" (with David Jennings from "Side Show" - Yay!), and hopefully "Big River" (with Rod - Yay!)

And lastly - I just found out Nick DeGruccio is directing "The Laramie Project" for Laguna Playhouse in Sept this year AND "Clutter" at the Colony Theatre in Feb next year. Looks like he'll be busy and if at all possible, I'd like to see if I can fit his shows into my upcoming LA trips since he's become my favorite director in LA theatre recently... :) Hopefully they coincide with Kevin's shows so I can save money on airfare! :)

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