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"Light In The Piazza" & a few photos of our journey so far...

*SIGH* I'm enthralled... I could just fly back home a happy person now. :) Even if everything else that I see is awful (which I know it definitely won't be) I'll be happy that I saw such a beautiful show! First of all, fate must've known that if I saw David Burnham go on as Fabrizio from the seat I was in (second row center - woo hoo!) I probably would've had a heart attack and ruined the entire trip for Mark. ;) So fate must've told Aaron Lazar to come in to spare our vacation and my certain heart failure. ;) Yes, no David Burnham tonight... :( But I thoroughly enjoyed Aaron's performance so I wasn't TOO upset. :)

The show itself was just SO beautiful and the music was touching and gorgeous. I'd heard the cast recording before, but nothing really prepared me to see the show performed live. By the time Aaron sang "Love to Me" I was in some serious tears (Yes, I know, I'm SUCH a sap!) - it was just so touching and beautiful. Katie Clarke was a very sweet and innocent Clara (and she didn't overdo it, which I really appreciated), Aaron was wonderful, but... *SIGH* if I had only seen David in the role... I know he would've been PERFECT. The best part of the show was Victoria Clark, though... the woman is incredible - hysterical when she needed to be and then heart wrenching the next... She totally deserved her Tony. I don't think I could say enough about the show - I'm just so in love with it. :)

Before the show started, Mark & I walked around Lincoln Center and took some pictures near the fountain - since neither of us had been there before. The trees in the courtyard in front of the Vivian Beaumount were still decorated with lighted snowflakes from Christmas and everything there was just so beautiful. All in all it was SUCH a wonderful night! :)

Tomorrow we're getting up early to eat a hearty breakfast at Pigalle (Mark's favorite breakfast spot!) and then we're heading out to Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue to do some shopping. Then that night we're off to see "Spelling Bee". :) Before I leave, I wanted to share a few photos of our trip so far. :)

Here we are all set to leave the Honolulu International Airport! :)

The first place we hit was the Hershey's store (of course!) :)

Here we are in Times Square - yes, we have no shame!! ;)

A nice bystander offered to take our picture in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center before "Light in the Piazza" :)

Here we are in front of the neon "Piazza" sign in front of the Vivian Beaumount Theatre. :)

Hope you all have a nice evening! I'm off to catch up on your journals and then on some much needed sleep! :)
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