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A Norbert-less "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and interesting "dinner theatre" ;)

Our day was mostly filled with seeing shows today. We both got up much too late eat breakfast (or lunch, for that matter) and ended up going straight to the Imperial to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. When I picked up our tickets the guy at the box office said, "You know Norbert Leo Butz is out..." Mark and I contemplated trying to switch our tickets for the Sunday evening performance so we could see Norbert in the role... honestly we just didn't think it would be the same without him... and maybe try to get SRO tickets for the matinee of Jersey Boys instead... But we ended up going to see the show - with no Norbert.

The show was hysterical! Everyone in the cast was hilarious - from John Lithgow to Gregory Jbara to Sherie Rene Scott. Even the understudy for Norbert (Joe Cassidy) was very good... true, he wasn't Norbert and after seeing and loving the show, Mark and I were extremely sad that we missed the opportunity to see him in the role. :( After the show we hung around for a bit. John Lithgow came out briefly to sign autographs, but went back in very quickly since it was raining pretty hard. The only other person who came out was Gregory Jbara - who was incredibly sweet and gracious. He found out that we were from Hawaii and he told us how he had just met some people from Diamond Head Theatre who came down to see the show. I took a picture with him and he thanked us for coming to see him in "such lovely" weather (it was raining quite hard while we stood there waiting for him to come out.) :) He was VERY sweet and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to meet him. :)

After Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Mark & I went to a great Chinese restaurant on 9th Avenue to meet bigrivermusical for dinner. The food was great and it was a nice chance to meet bigrivermusical! :) It was so nice to speak with someone else who has a deep love for theatre. :)

While we were eating, we had a bit of "dinner theatre" in the restaurant. A client was arguing with one of the workers, claiming she was rude to his friend when he called in the order. At first we all tried to ignore all the yelling, but when he started saying things like, "I hope all your hair falls out" and gave her a "raspberry" we couldn't help but look at each other incredulously. It all became rather amusing...

After dinner we all walked over to the Eugene O'Neill to see Sweeney Todd. :) It was the first "new" musical of the this season that we're seeing. It was creepy and eerie and everything that Sondheim probably envisioned when it was written... Patti LuPone was terrific as Mrs. Lovett and Michael Cerveris... *SIGH*... I'm not sure when I came upon this, but not only is he an immensely talented performer, but he's also EXTREMELY attractive... at least I think so. :)

The actors themselves were the orchestra, playing individual instruments throughout the show. And while that was a unique approach to the staging of this show, at times I felt as though it took away from the emotion of the piece. I did enjoy the show a lot though and I thought the performances were outstanding!

Tomorrow we have the matinee of Spamalot and then Rent at night... then we get ready to fly home. :( The trip seemed to go all too quickly. :( Where did the five days go?

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. I have only a couple of trip pictures to end with today (it was far too rainy to take pictures outdoors!)

Gregory Jbara was SUCH a sweetheart! :) He was the nicest person I met at the stage door this trip! :)

Yay for finally getting to meet bigrivermusical! :)
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