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Ugh - I was having flashbacks of the Hollywood Bowl... :P

So Mark & I went to the Apple Store's big grand opening this morning and really - I thought "How big could a grand opening of a Mac store be in Hawaii?" Err...I soon found out when we got there! There was a line to get into the store that went around the mall and down the other side! I nearly fell over - it definitely had eerie shades of the Hollywood Bowl experience in LA last Saturday... :O It took us nearly an hour and a half to make it in to the store. :(

Apparently they were giving away free Apple Store (Ala Moana) t-shirts to the first 1,000 people to enter the store and we had all but given up hope that we'd ever make it into the store,...much less get a shirt. Well, when we got to the door - they announced that there were only 3 shirts left! So Mark & I got one each and the guy behind us got the last one - so we JUST made it! :) Mark was pretty happy and so was I since I was basically waiting in line for an hour to go into a store that didn't interested me in the least... The store itself was pretty cool (once we got inside) and Mark was absolutely in heaven looking at all the computers. He didn't buy anything - but now he has a pretty good idea of what he will buy in a few months or so. :)

I finally got off my butt and did some work on my web site and put some old soap opera magazines on ebay... The site should be ready to go live (if I decide to upload it) by the end of the weekend. :) At least I did something semi-productive today... :)

And yeah, tomorrow is the last Broadway performance of "Les Misérables". I'm pretty sad to see it go, especially since it's been such a huge part of my musical theatre enjoyment over the years. It's a weird feeling to know that the next time I go to NY, I won't be able to see the LM marquee on the Imperial - it was the one constant that I could always count on whenever I was in the city. :(

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