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Just a quick update from LA :)

I'm here again! :) It seems like Mark & I were just here - in fact the room I got is right next door to the one Mark & I had in January. :) Thankfully the flight over last night was nice and relaxing (though it was much more crowded than I expected!) I didn't realize that President's Day weekend was such a busy travel time. :)

Got some great website news!! My co-worker called me this morning and said that she spoke with her husband and showed him my proposal and they liked it - they want me to start work on their site as soon as possible! :) I'm so excited because I have a lot of ideas that'll hopefully help them market their portrait studio. :D I was working on a couple of them on the plane ride over - hopefully by the time I go home I'll be able to show her at least two different layouts. :) Not only does it make me happy because I really think that I'll be able to help them save some money, but this is the very first paid website job that I booked! :)

And because everyone's doing it... Please, help me out on this if you can - I'm interested in reading your replies. :)

Thanks so much in advance for participating! :)

Tonight I'm meeting lindasings for dinner (woo hoo for trying great eating places like Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles!! I've always wanted to go there!) :) and then we're seeing Kevin in It Came From Beyond. :) Very excited to see Linda as she and I didn't really get to spend any time together on my last visit to LA. Should be a wonderful evening. :) I'm off to get ready - I'm going to the market (yay for the mini kitchenette in my hotel room!) to buy my meals for the week (this is a "save all the money I can" trip.) :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! :) Big *HUGS* to you all. :)
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