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Probably one of the nicest nights of my life... :)

Just got home from the "Fractured Broadway" concert and it was FABULOUS!! Kevin, Bets, Julie, Misty, Adam all in concert - and directed by Nick - what an incredible evening!! :)

The concert itself was amazing!!! Kevin and Sean McDermott sang a "Brokeback Mountain" spoof of "I Know Him So Well" from Chess - it was hilarious!! Misty and Julie did a little act in which they argued over their shared Ovation award (the one they both won for Side Show) and then broke into "You're Nothing Without Me" - it was hysterical. :) And Bets, Kirsten Benton Chandler, Elizabeth Ward Land, and Michelle Duffy sang a hilarious "Crazy About You" from Forever Plaid (and hilariously were run off stage by Stan Chandler, David Engel, and Larry Raben - the original Plaids.) :) Adam sang "I Am Changing" and pretty much brought the house down... (and almost made my friend Bobbie faint!) ;)

After the show, I got to speak to everyone. :) It was so nice to see everybody... All my favorite people were in the same room - how amazing is that?? I got to see Nick (who I LOVE to death!!) and I talked with him briefly about Pilgrim, said HI to Ronn Gosswick (who is the producer of the show), saw Justin and Brandon (both of whom I saw less than a month ago at Bark!) in the audience and briefly said HI to both of them. Got to speak with Julie - who was actually leaving with Misty before she remembered that I was going to be there. She actually turned around to come back to say HI to me - how sweet is that?? I can't describe what an incredible evening it was to see everyone in the same place!! I love LA theatre SO MUCH and the people who make it SO special for me were all there at the concert tonight - it was a dream come true for me. :)

I would go on gushing about the night and how wonderful everyone was to speak with, but I'll spare you all and just share a few photos I took after the show...

The Marquee at the El Portal Theatre

Bobbie was speechless when I introduced her to Adam - she's SO in love with him and he was so sweet to her! :)

It was so nice being there with Bobbie and Brooke - they had a great time talking with Kevin. :)

Bets was SO sweet!! She said that she shared her website link with everyone in "Pilgrim". :)

Julie looked absolutely stunning tonight and even in her rush, I was able to get a couple of photos of her with Kevin...

...and Misty. :) It was SO nice to see Misty since I haven't seen her in three years!!

Justin, Bets, and Kevin were so sweet and more than willing to pose for a photo. :)

Bets with Kevin in his full "Brokeback Mountain" get up. ;)

Finally, here I am with Nick and Kevin. I told them it was my dream photo because they were my two favorite men in LA. :)

I'd better get to sleep - or at least try to get some since I have to pack tomorrow and head back home. It was SUCH a wonderful evening and the PERFECT way to end a wonderful trip. Hope you all had a nice Presidents' Day!! Big *HUGS* to all of you!!
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