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...this weekend went by way too fast! I'm not sure if I'm ready to face another week of work just yet. :P And even though I would've loved to have been in LA this weekend for all the great things going on, it actually turned out to be a pretty productive weekend at home. After wasting waaaay too much time yesterday on MySpace, I finally got my act together and re-designed Julie Ann's site. :)

It took me a long time last night just to re-create the background of the photo that I used in the banner and I'm surprised that it didn't turn out looking like I copied and pasted a bunch of little things together to create it. ;) I'll have to invest in a photoshop class one day... right now I'm just winging it, trying different things and surprisingly, once in a while it actually works. ;)

I haven't told Julie about it yet, since really, the site is unofficial - but I do like to try to run things past her since I wouldn't want her to totally hate it. :P

Here's the link, if anyone is interested...

It's complete and kinda has a similar look to Kevin's site, but at least now the files have been moved over from my desktop and I can update it again (and YAY! I FINALLY added some "Commander in Chief" photos!) :) It's only about a half a year late... Ooops! ;P And speaking of this web stuff, I finally decided to use the non-smiling Kevin headshot banner on his site... the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me - besides, I've always loved that intense, smoldering Kevin look. ;)

Next on my list? Re-designing Julie Dixon Jackson's site... The way I had originally designed it makes it hard for me to update - and I think I'd rather use her color headshot in the banner instead of the B&W... But that'll have to wait for next weekend, though... I'm a little bleary eyed after finishing Julie Ann's site... ;P

In other LA theatre news, I was just emailed a great article on "Pilgrim". In it, they talk with Nick who shares his vision for the show (about halfway down the page). :) There's also a cute picture of him talking with the show's creator. :D I really hope that this extends so that I can see it on my next trip out to LA!

Tomorrow night is the LA Drama Critics' Circle Awards, please if you can, think good thoughts for Bets!!! :) I'd better run, I need to do a load of laundry and search for the fuzzy dog. :) Hope you've all had a nice weekend! :)
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