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Why was there no...

"Law & Order" marathon this weekend? It seems that every night when I had no reason (or desire) to watch the show, Mark would be watching a "Law & Order" marathon of some sort... The whole weekend I asked him when the reruns would appear on TNT... Apparently my Jesse L. Martin love comes at a bad time since there were none to be seen. :( So I spent the evening watching my "Rent" DVD with the commentary on... (I've only watched the commentary on a DVD for one other show - "1776") - I must've really been desperate! :P

I spent part of the day putting up the behind the scenes photos that Bets sent over yesterday of the cast of "Pilgrim". Seeing the photos made me all the more excited to see the show... Hopefully it'll extend a week or two so that I'll be able to fly out to see it. :) I'm also hoping to hear some good news from Kevin soon - it's been a while since I've been able to plan a theatre trip and I feel a bit antsy to go back to LA... :)

Speaking of which.... Ooops! Remember how I'd written in my journal a few weeks ago that Kevin's episode of "Girlfriends" was going to air on the 27th of February? Well, I was half right... it's on the 27th alright, but of March! So not this coming Monday, but the Monday after that... All Kevin told me was the 27th... I must've filled in the February myself because I was anxious to see it. ;)

And I feel horrible! I've been trying my hardest to save money - so much so that I haven't eaten out for lunch for over a month and though I walk around the mall every day during my lunch hour, I've been resisting the urge to buy things. Well, today Mark & I headed to the outlet mall in Waikele because he had a Friends and Family pass for some of the stores there... Needless to say, I couldn't pass up such good deals (the items were 40% off and then an additional 30% off with the F&F pass!!) I ended up spending more money than I would've liked. :( Oh well, back to square one on trying to save money again! :(

On a completely separate note, the upcoming week looks like it'll be VERY calorie-ladden and VERY bad for my diet (what diet??) ;) The entire week we're getting lunch paid for by our department since we have a guest from our clearing firm visiting us. It looks like Hawaiian food on Tuesday, Japanese on Wednesday, and then Korean on Thursday (and probably an additional ten pounds added to my weight by Friday!) :P

Well, I'd better run... Sydney's kicking me in the side because she wants more space... What a little diva! :) Hope you all have a nice week! Big *HUGS*
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