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What a wonderful evening...

Susan and I went to eat at Ronnie's, which is a small dessert parlor & restaurant similar to the old Farrell's we had here when I was growing up. Aside from wonderful food, it was so nice to spend some time talking with her. Since retiring from the Jaycees, I haven't been able to see Susan on a regular basis anymore and the sad thing about it is that our lives have become so busy with other things that if we don't consciously make time to see each other - we'd surely drift apart (And that's something I DO worry about...). We had a lot of fun and poor Mark and Fredrick (her fiancee), wherever they were, their ears must've been burning the entire evening. ;)

We also ate waaay too much! We each ordered one of Ronnie's famous sundaes for dessert and I know that I'm going to have to work twice, if not three times as hard tomorrow at Curves to make up for it. :P But in retrospect, I think it may have been worth it. :)

And I think I'm taking a self imposed vacation from working on my web sites for now. I may have burnt myself out this past weekend and am finding out that turning on the computer gives me more stress than stress relief lately... (yes, I'm being very vague...) I'm not giving up my LJ time (yes, it's an addiction!) - but my sites will probably have to go without updates... for a while... at least.

Stole this from broadway_rose:

# of musicals seen:

Les Misérables (2), A Chorus Line, A Class Act, Side Show (5), I Sent A Letter to My Love (3), Most Happy Fella (4), 1776 (5), Chicago, Urinetown, Thoroughly Modern Millie (2), Hairspray (2), Oklahoma!, Cats, Miss Saigon (2), Carousel (3), City of Angels (2), Guys & Dolls (2), Follies (3), Into The Woods, Spitfire Grill (4), You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (2), Inside the Music, Beauty & the Beast, Lion King,... I know there are many more that I'm probably forgetting.

# of Cast Recordings owned:

Side Show, 1776 (OBC), 1776 (Revival Cast), Les Misérables (TAC & OBC), Miss Saigon (Highlights - London Cast), Assassins, City of Angels, Follies (OBC), La Bohéme, Urinetown, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hairspray, A Class Act,...many more that I can't seem to recall now and I'm too tired to check on...

Ever been to Broadway?:

Once or twice. :)

Ever been to the West End (London)?:

Sadly, no... :( Haven't traveled abroad in years!!

Ever been in a musical?:


Favorite musical:

Side Show - first and foremost! Then it'd be a tie between 1776, Les Misérables, and A Chorus Line.


RE: Side Show - the songs really spoke to me and I think it could well be one of the most moving pieces of work that I have ever seen. One of the most heartbreakingly beautiful shows ever written, IMO and one of the most memorable performances I think I will ever have the pleasure to witness on stage (the awesome trio of Kevin Earley, Julie Dixon Jackson, and Misty Cotton).

Least favorite musical:

I'm sorry, but I have to go with "Cats" here - I almost walked out during intermission.


Wasn't a huge fan of ALW at the time and really though I enjoyed the singing and dancing, there was hardly a tangible story there, IMHO - my apologies to any Cats fans.

Favorite performers:

Male: Kevin Earley, Christopher Sieber, Hunter Foster, Norm Lewis, Gavin Creel, and Stephen Buntrock - in that order.

Female: Julie Dixon Jackson, Sutton Foster, Diana Kaarina, Kerry Butler, Misty Cotton, and Kim Huber - in that order.

Favorite songs:

"Who Will Love Me As I Am?" (Side Show)
"Private Conversation" (Side Show)
"I Will Never Leave You" (Side Show)
"Soliloquy" (Carousel)
"Colors of Paradise" (Spitfire Grill)
"Molasses to Rum" (1776)

Favorite line:

"Ever have anyone puke inside your head?" (City of Angels) - also my friend Bobbie's favorite line of all time. :)

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