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YAY!!! I'm going back to LA again... late April! :D I just got the most fabulous email today from Julie Dixon Jackson,... apparently she's going to be starring in "I Love A Piano" with Kevin at Musical Theatre West! :) Honestly, when I saw the casting notice for the show a few weeks ago, I saw the roles of George and Ginger and immediately thought of Kevin and Julie... Yay for dream casting in my mind, sometimes it does work! ;) I haven't seen Julie and Kevin in a show together since "Side Show" - I'm SO excited!! :)

I was SO excited, in fact, that I emailed Kevin as soon as I found out to ask him if I could post the news on his site. The oddest thing was that he answered me within minutes... and that NEVER happens!! I hardly EVER catch him online...

The rest of my evening was spent finding airfare (aloha airlines won't let me use my FF miles until AFTER summer - how's that for suckage?) :P Thank goodness I found something fairly reasonable to LAX (blech!!) on United... I really hate flying into LAX, but it's probably the best I'll be able find on such short notice. Found an Extended Stay America hotel in the area for a GREAT rate of $44 a night. :D Now all I need is a car, time off from work, and an extension notice for "Pilgrim" and then I'll be all set. :D

In more lovely LA theatre news, Bets was sweet enough to send over some GREAT opening night photos of the cast of "Pilgrim" for her site. :) Such great photos!! I especially love the one of Bets with Steve... it's just SO cute!! :) She's really been SO wonderful about the site, always offering pictures from her personal collection, sending links to things of interest, and just generally being so supportive of everything. :) She's the best. :) I REALLY hope I'll be able to see her on my next trip!

I also received an email from Ronn Goswick the other day (whose new theatre company - Valley Musical Theatre - put on the Fractured Broadway concert) He was sweet enough to send me some production photos of Bets in "Guys & Dolls," "Me & My Girl," and some photos from the Fractured Broadway concert. :D It was SO sweet of him to offer to send them to me and I was completely shocked when I received his wonderful email out of the blue. :)

I'd better run, I need to catch up with all of your entries. :) If anyone is interested in catching a performance of "I Love A Piano" with me, please let me know - I'd love to see you all!! :D Hope everyone has a nice evening!! Big *HUGS*
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