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I heard on the news...

...that we're in our 40-something-th day of rain here (which has prompted many news stations to bring out all their Noah's Ark references...) And it hasn't been rain of the drizzling sort either, it's been actual storms with thunder and lightning. :P I like a little rain every once in a while, but this is ridiculous! Houses all over the state are flooded, in Kauai, several people died due to a damn bursting from all the backlog of rain water... :( It's just been awful and I wish it would stop... :(

In other, less depressing news, on Thursday night Mark & I went to see "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" at Diamond Head theatre. Even through the harshness of the storm, you can't stop true theatre lovers from seeing a show!! ;) It was an interesting concept for a show... For those who have never seen it, it's a mystery with an open end. Apparently Dickens passed away before the ending was ever written and therefore, each night the audience gets to chose the ending of the show. We got to vote on several things (one of which was the identity of the murderer) and the cast creates an ending accordingly. Interesting concept and entertaining idea, however... sadly the production we saw wasn't cast or staged as well as we'd hoped. A lot of the cast were weak singers and didn't handle the task of being good actors acting bad in a show within a show. There were a few standouts, but not enough to move the story along for us with any real sense of purpose. :( It ended up being just okay... I'd love to see the show staged again in a different venue, because it seemed like the show itself was pretty good...

And in website news, my co-worker finally got back to me on which design they preferred for their photo studio site. They liked the one with the maroon background... Personally, I liked the other designs more... but this is the one they chose.

So I guess I'll be working this weekend on completing their site. :) I feel a bit bad for my co-worker, though because the person who did her old site is giving her a really hard time about leaving... He doesn't return her calls, and won't give her information on when her contract expires... :( If it wasn't for the fact that he has the vital information for her domain name, I would tell her never to contact him again. :( I even offered to speak with him myself, but she's determined to try one last time. I hope she's at least able to get the information she needs. :(

Well, I'm off to make some breakfast and wake up my sleepy dog. I hope you all have a nice weekend. :)
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