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So, I've gone ahead and taken the big plunge...

...I registered my business with the Hawaii DCCA. Thank you all so much for your comments on my potential business name in my post below, I ended up using "Actual Reality Designs" - it may not be the name that reflects my personality the most, but for $60 and a bunch of paperwork, it's all mine. ;) I also registered a domain name and signed up to be a hosting re-seller... LOTS of money left me this morning, but hopefully it'll all be a good investment.

In wonderful news, my co-worker was finally able to make head-way with her last web designer and he FINALLY gave her the info to change her DNS information. So I spent the weekend migrating the new site over there and making sure there were no bugs in the form, etc. Thankfully it was finally able to go live today! :D I'm SO happy since it's been in the works for months and it feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I know it's a HUGE weight lifted off of my co-worker's shoulders too. :)

And that web design business book? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it this weekend. :( Thankfully I was able to find another copy of it at Barnes & Noble on Saturday, so I expect the old one to turn up anytime now. ;) The book is wonderful for anti-business minded people like me. If it were up to me, I'd do everything for free, but I know that I can't and still survive. :P

Speaking of Saturday, Mark & I spent a wonderful morning at the mall. After all the computer work I've been doing lately, it was nice to actually get out of the house and do normal "weekend" things. :) We ended up in Shirokiya and Mark stood in line for nearly an hour to get the special Okonomiyaki that they were selling there at the Hiroshima fair. For those who don't know, it's basically a Japanese pizza with noodles, meat, cabbage, egg, and this really interesting (almost katsu-ish) sauce. Because they rarely sell it, the line for it is usually SO long that sometimes it makes no sense to stand there and wait. Mark was determined to get one, though - and he LOVED it. :)

Well, I'd better run - I have more web-related things to do before the weekend is over. Hope you all had a nice one! :)
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