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Hallelujah!! Tax season is officially over!!

Woo hoo!! Even more amazing than the fact that I actually made it through the last two weeks of work without going insane, is the fact that I kept my hands to myself and didn't act on my urges to rip the eyebrows off a few of our reps. ;) The paperwork the past few days was ridiculous! Approximately 1,000 trades went through my hands and I am officially sick and tired of paper! :P Hopefully the next few days will be drama free at work and we can all catch up on normal day to day things...

Speaking of drama at work, I spent the better part of the afternoon helping my boss try to correct a BIG email error... She mistakenly sent a confidential email to thousands of workers at our partner bank. HR was upset, upper management was upset, our BIG boss was upset... my poor boss felt SO bad, she jokingly said that she was going to resign. :( Luckily after working hours with our IT department, they were able to pull it from the server before it was distributed to the thousands of people on the email list. My boss was incredibly relieved, but I told her that we can only handle one crisis a week - I think we're all breaking out in zits... ;P

On another work note, we spent some time being amused by my co-worker's bacteria plushies. :) Oddly enough, you read that correctly... His wife is a science teacher at a local private school and he thought it would be cute to buy her a set of virus plushies. Tonight he took home ebola, mad cow disease, and polio and was leaving the others for the rest of the week. I know his wife will love them - and we were all amused by just how cute they were. Nothing says love like bringing home a bunch of diseases to your wife. ;)

Loved AI tonight, I have to admit that I'm a fan of the standards... I never used to be, but I guess listening to Kevin so much, and seeing "My Way" SO many times might've had something to do with my recent admiration. Katharine was phenomenal! I hope she wins. :)

I'm off to catch up with all of you, I'm so sorry that I haven't been around much lately. Hopefully with tax season over, I'll be back to my regular internet schedule soon. Big *HUGS* to all of you and much thanks for all of your comments in my last post. :)

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