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22 April 2006 @ 04:45 pm
How's this for laziness?  
Hubby's working downstairs on his computer and I'm upstairs working on mine... I can't believe I actually called him on his cell phone earlier today to see if he wanted to go out for lunch! ;) *SIGH* We must be the only couple in the world who calls or emails each other while working on the computer instead of just walking downstairs. ;P

Spent the better part of the morning trying to re-do my business web site. I know the logo graphics are a bit pixilated, but I'm waiting for Mark to send me a nicer copy... for now, the one that's there will have to do. :P I wanted to put up something a little more substantial before I left for LA this week. I've also been working on trying to get the information into the site that I'm currently working on - it's been pretty exciting for me to watch that site come together. :) I'm hoping it'll be ready to go live by the time I leave for LA on Wednesday. :)

In some theatre news, I was so excited to see Diamond Head Theatre's 2006-2007 season announcement. :) Their first show of the season?? Thoroughly Modern Millie!! :) We are SO thrilled with this - Mark & I are definitely going to renew our subscriptions for next year! Musical Theatre West in Long Beach is also doing Thoroughly Modern Millie next year to start off their new season. :) I kept telling Kevin at the Fractured Broadway concert that he HAD to be Trevor Graydon. ;) He just laughed and said, "Uh, yeah... I'll just put that in my calendar right now!" ;) (As if he has any control over that!) ;) I already have a flight booked to see the show in October - because whether or not he's in the cast, I have to see it. I know I've already seen the show 12 times on Broadway, but a few more can't hurt, right? ;)

And finally, yesterday was madness in my office! Everyone must've been incredibly loopy and brain-fried from all the stress of tax season. My sales manager was training our new associate and mistakenly "sent" a fictious account she was opening on the system. About a half hour later, my boss and I received a hilarious email from our home office compliance department asking who opened an account for a "Minnie Mouse" on "Cheese Lane" because it appeared on the anti-money laundering report! :D Oh my gosh, we all just couldn't stop laughing! Our poor sales manager will never live that one down!

Hope you're all having a nice Saturday! I'm off to do more work on the sites. Big *HUGS* to all of you! :)
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I'm so cool too bad I'm a loser: (billy elliot) shineaudienceawaits on April 23rd, 2006 03:30 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh, Sheri - calling Mark is nothing! Whenever we're on the computer, Karen and I talk over MSN or AIM. And we'll say something out loud and then one of us will respond over the chat with "what did you say!?" and we're in the NEXT room. We are SO sad. :(

And also, I think your website looks AMAZING. I love it!
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 23rd, 2006 03:42 am (UTC)
Ahaha!!! That's SO funny - I really think your comment made my day!! :D I guess I'd better get Mark set up on AIM, it'll definitely save on our cell phone bills! ;)

Thanks for taking a look at my site, Gill! :) Big *HUGS* to you!!
(Deleted comment)
Sheri: Mark & Sheri 1999shutterbug93 on April 23rd, 2006 04:02 am (UTC)
It was pretty funny because halfway through our conversation, Mark says, "Wait - I'm coming upstairs, this is ridiculous." ;) Hope you're having a nice weekend too, Angela! *HUGS*
Mrs Beans: Erik--Bowl On Headhuman_beans on April 23rd, 2006 03:55 am (UTC)
I used to use Instant Messenger to call Erik to dinner. Yup, I couldn't walk from the family room to his room -- instead I'd message him. :D

Your website ROCKS!! I just love LOVE the way it looks!! The only thing I would do is remove 'Phillips' from the monitor. That is so cool the way the you have the mouseover effect going on.
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 23rd, 2006 04:05 am (UTC)
Haha!! That's SO funny!! At least that way, though he won't say that he didn't hear you. :)

Thanks for taking a look at the site!! And you're definitely right about the "Phillips" on the monitor - I don't want to be endorsing any products on the site! :)

Hope you're having a nice weekend, Rita!! *HUGS*
I'm just a girl in the world...i_am_angieface on April 23rd, 2006 04:08 am (UTC)
LOL Minnie Mouse on cheese lane - that is great!

I used to call my parents from my bedroom when they were in the living room or their bedroom when I lived with them... and it was literally like 15 steps to the living room. HA HA. I had a different phone line then them. We always called each other. :)
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 23rd, 2006 04:17 am (UTC)
The funniest thing was the email we received from compliance was SO serious! It was too funny and after our long week - we were all pretty punchy! :)

Haha!! I'm so glad by all the comments here that we're not the only ones who call each other in the same house! :) Sometimes I just don't want to have to stop what I'm doing and walk downstairs! But some others brought up AIM, what a great idea - I'd better get Mark set up so I can IM him instead. :)
_tropicalheart on April 23rd, 2006 05:46 am (UTC)
LOL! My sisters and I do the exact same thing! I'll IM them rather than having to walk all the way downstairs just to ask them something :P

Your business website is coming a long way! I'm loving the new look! :)

Have a nice week, Sheri, and big *hugs!* :)
Sheri: Familyshutterbug93 on April 23rd, 2006 05:11 pm (UTC)
Haha!! I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who does this! And I talked to Mark about this and he thought getting set up on AIM was a great idea! Oh my gosh, now I'll never have to walk downstairs! ;)

Thanks for taking a look at the site! :) It's not complete yet, but hopefully I work on it between sites. :D

Big *HUGS* to you!!
Michael Corleyclivec on April 23rd, 2006 02:20 pm (UTC)
I lika the business website. If I needed a business website I would totally comission you.
Sheri: Sheri - yahoo iconshutterbug93 on April 23rd, 2006 05:12 pm (UTC)
Awwww, thanks for taking a look!! It's not complete yet and I'm hoping to add more to it by the time I leave for LA - but at least it's up! :) Thanks for your comment!
karen: jim stanekwakedistracted on April 23rd, 2006 05:59 pm (UTC)
Okay, Gill and I have computers in rooms that are next to each other, but we still sign onto MSN Messenger and "talk" that way when we're online. :) And one time, when I was studying in my room downstairs, and she was in hers upstairs, I called her on her cell phone to ask her a question about something in my notes. :) So you're not alone!

Your business website looks fantastic! I love it!

And that Millie news is great...it's such a funny show; I'd definitely love to see it again.

Have a GREAT time in LA! :D
Sheri: Kevin - as Trevor Graydon in shutterbug93 on April 25th, 2006 07:45 am (UTC)
That's so funny to read about others who call or IM people within their house :D, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one. :)

Thanks for taking a look at the site!! I still have a long way to go with it, but it's getting there. :)

What a cute show "Millie" is - I have SO many wonderful memories of seeing it... :) I was so happy to hear that I have two more opportunities to see it this year. :D

Thanks!! And I hope you have a great time in NYC!! :D
Sabine: Micki's placesabine10 on April 23rd, 2006 08:57 pm (UTC)
Your business web site looks great to me. I love the changing images on the screen on the right side. :) Will you still change the links under the little pictures into names? What is a bit difficult to see for my eyes "CIW Professional" (for example) and I can't see it when I put my mouse on it. But, like I said it looks great - serious but interesting, too.

"Minnie Mouse" on "Cheese Lane" - it really made me smile. Thanks for sharing. :)

Hope you have a nice weekend, Sheri. Big *hugs* to you!
Sheri: More web stuff...shutterbug93 on April 25th, 2006 07:48 am (UTC)
Thanks for taking a look at the site, Sabine! :) I was having a bit of trouble with the links (i.e. CIW Professional, etc.) on the resume page because of the high contrast of the title bar and the page background. That should all work out when I make the links graphics instead of just text. I'll have to work on that this weekend. :) Thanks for your comments!!

Hope you're having a nice week!! Big *HUGS* to you!! :)
Carriecarrieh on April 25th, 2006 10:20 pm (UTC)
Got to laugh at the chatting on the phone bit. Sometimes Steve and me have been known to carry on chatting on the phone after we've met up to walk the dogs if we're both just in that daft sort of mood.
Sheri: Sydney - happyshutterbug93 on April 26th, 2006 07:45 am (UTC)
I've missed you, Carrie! Hope you're doing well!