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Well, that didn't last too long...

...I'm so weak. :P Self imposed vacation from web site building? Ha! It was funny that I thought I could stay away... It's been barely three days and I have an overwhelming need to update my sites. So much for the vacation...

And the theatre apathy lasted for about a day and half. :P Amazing what blasting my favorite songs while driving home in traffic can do for my spirits. :) I love theatre - it's such a passion of mine that even though things may seem grim at times, all I need to do is get back to the music that lifts my spirits and I'm fine again... :)

Without going into too much detail about what was contributing to my recent apathy, I'll just say that I've come to realize that I worry too much (sometimes needlessly) and I jump to too many wrong conclusions - because of my insecurities. Well, tonight I was proved wrong (thank God!) on several things I had been down about and things that seemed bad actually turned out quite well. :)

Wha..?? Okay, all of that was just a really convoluted way of me saying that things in my web site and theatre world are great - probably better than they ever have been and I was too much of a dork to realize it could be a possibility - and was only thinking that the situation could end negatively. :P

In non-website and non-theatre news: I have to go to meet a Jaycee friend of mine tomorrow. I agreed to be an advisor on a project they're running (more evidence of the fact that I don't like saying "no" to people...) It'll be nice to see my friend, but I'm not ready to get back into the whole Jaycee thing again... :P Which reminds me, I still have bad Jaycee flashbacks whenever I pass Aloha Stadium where the 50th State Fair is being set up... *shudders* Have I mentioned how happy I am NOT to be in the Jaycees anymore? :)

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