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Yay!! I finally made it home!!

Thankfully I was actually able to get ON the plane this time and made it home safely!! Thank you to everyone who had to put up with my awful mood yesterday... And I realized that I actually posted three entries yesterday which is the most I think I've ever posted. :P

The flight home seemed incredibly long today for some reason and EVERY single electronic device I brought with me ran out of batteries before the flight was over. I worked for a bit on Julie's site re-design and then decided to watch "Rent" and halfway through "I'll Cover You" my laptop battery died. :( So I decided to listen to my iPod - and then it died... Then finally my MD player... which, you guessed it... died as well. :P Luckily the flight was only 5 hours. If it had been a flight to NYC, that would've been really bad! :P

It's SO great to be home, though!! When I walked through the door, the fuzzy dog was so excited that she was making weird cat noises... I kid you not, it sounded like she was meowing! :) She kept jumping up on me and wouldn't let me walk up the stairs. It's SO great to see her, though - I've missed her fuzziness SO much!! She just loved the little doggie animal cookies I brought back for her! And it's funny, but she gets really excited when I go to open my suitcase, because she knows that her special treats always come from there. :)

And because I didn't want to forget, here are some photos of the weekend. :)

Look how blond Kevin's hair is! I'm not used to seeing him SO blond!
Here he is with Julie Dixon Jackson.

Here he is the next day with Jill Townsend and Julie. :)

Roger, Carrie and Laura took time to pose with Kevin :)

Here I am with Carrie and Laura - they both looked SO great!!

Well, I'm off to get some rest so I can face a full day of work tomorrow. Hope you all have a nice evening!! :)
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