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Already planning my next weekend...

This weekend Mark & I watched "Ice Age" (the first one) on DVD and I really enjoyed it - I was surprised at how cute and touching it was. Probably the only movies that hubby and I can really agree on to watch these days is animated movies... and "Rent". ;) Aside from that our tastes are VERY different!! This probably explains why we never go to see any movies while they're in the theater... :P This Saturday we're going to see the sneak-preview of "Over the Hedge." Since Mark's company does promotional printing for Sony pictures, he gets free tickets to the sneak-previews of the shows. :) I'm pretty excited to see it.

We may also be taking Sydney to the big Pet Expo at the Blaisdell Center this weekend. :) We usually take her every year, but since she's been slowing down a bit lately, we thought we should probably see if she's up to it. It's usually a bit of sensory overload for her with all the other dogs around and though she enjoys all the attention (not to mention goodies) she gets, she comes home VERY exhausted.

On an LA theatre note, I just found out that Nick is going to be directing the "Marriage Musicals" at Pasadena Playhouse (Last 5 Years and I Do, I Do) :). It was an extremely happy - yet sad discovery for me since I probably won't be able to make it down there to see it. :( He's also directing the Reprise one night concert of Rodgers & Hammerstein - which is sadly tonight (and stars Kevin - WAH!)... Another thing I can't see. :(

In much happier news, found out that Misty will be starring in "Little Egypt" at the Matrix theatre in May so in addition to seeing Bets in Grease, I can see Misty! :) Woo hoo!! It's been A LONG time since I've been able to see her in a production! I still am a little apprehensive whenever I see her, though since I always feel so bad about not updating her site. :(

And I've been working recently on a new site design for Julie Dixon Jackson's site as well as a new and improved site for Bets... Hopefully I'll be able to work on both of these this coming weekend as well. Hope you all have a nice week!! :)

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