Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

It's been a long time since we had a Sydney post...

"A Fuzzy Day At the Expo"
by Sydney M. Dog :)

Mother's Day at the Pet Expo as seen through the eyes of our fuzzy dog, Sydney.

Although I'm usually not one for car rides (they remind me of the vet!) :P I do like it
when they end up at cool places like the Pet Expo!! Here I am, waiting patiently to arrive...
Hurry up and drive faster, Mark! :) .... Are we there yet? ;)

When we finally got to the expo, the first thing I did was sniff all the dogs I could!
There were just SO many of them!! There were dogs in strollers...

...and even dogs sitting in chairs. :) (WOW! Just look at that tongue!!) :)

"Heeeeey Mark, I know she's cute, but I'm your dog... remember?" ;)

And there were SO many things for sale that you'd never dream of for dogs! Sheri liked this
Puppy Yearbook idea. :) I thought it was cute, but Sheri should really work on finishing my
puppy scrapbook before she buys anything like this! ;)

There were even doggie "pupsicles" for sale! Sheri bought a strawberry one for me to try, but I was too distracted
to eat it there. All I had were a few licks and then I found more interesting things to examine. :)

Sheri kept wanting to pick me up to take pictures... I'm camera shy, I tell you!!

Finally, no pet expo is complete without taking the annual photo on the rock outside the exhibition hall.
I have been posing on that rock for the past few years... Sheri never forgets to put me up there... :P

Each year I try my hardest to jump off, but Mark never lets me get away! :)

After the expo, we went to visit Sheri's mother and drop off her Mother's Day gift. :)
It's always nice to see her and my fuzzy neurotic friend, Yuki. :)

Sheri's Mom enjoyed her gift - which was a GC for Blockbuster (so she can buy her movie pass this summer)
and a Sudoku book. :)

No visit to Sheri's Mom's is complete without my fuzzy neurotic friend, Yuki. Here she is with
Sheri's Mom and Mark... her eyes look a little scary, but I think she was looking at me when
the picture was being taken... ;)

When all the gifts were open and pictures were taken, we headed home. It was a long, but exciting day
and I'm incredibly pooped... Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there - and a special wish to mothers
of fuzzy babies like me, hope you had a nice day as well. Fuzzy *HUGS* to you all!! I'm off to get some sleep!
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