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The Event Formerly Known as Tax Busters. ;)

It was such a lovely weekend, made even lovelier by the event that we hosted on Saturday night at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. :) Once known as "Tax Busters", the event, now called "Race to Retirement" was a HUGE success thanks to the wonderful planning of my hard-working co-workers. :) All the branch staff seemed to have a great time and to us, that was all that mattered. :) And though I'm not usually one for work functions, I had a wonderful time -- and I really think the best part of it all was getting to spend some time outside of work with my wonderful co-workers. I've included a few pictures of the weekend below. :)

In keeping with our "Casino Night" theme, our slot machine M&M dispenser centerpieces were a HUGE hit with the branch staff.
Everyone wanted to win them, including us!! Aren't they the cutest things?? :)

Most of our set up time was spent de-tangling the 100's of balloons we purchased as decorations for the ballroom.
I'll be very happy if I never see another balloon again, for as long as I live! ;)

Here I am with my wonderful co-workers at the registration table last night. :)

This would have been such a nice picture, too bad my boss was blinking! :(

This morning, Mark & I went to Shirokiya (our favorite store!!) on our way back from the hotel. We were SO excited to find that the Nagoya Faire was this weekend and we both picked up tenmusus (which are delicious rice balls with fried, seasoned shrimp in each one). :) They were SO incredibly delicious!!! :)

They come six in a pack, wrapped in a banana leaf, with seasoned vegetables on the side...

Mark especially enjoyed them and said it reminded him of being in Japan. :)

It was just such a nice weekend in all respects, but we're very glad to be home and back with our fuzzy dog!! Hope you all had a nice weekend!! I'm off to catch up on all of your entries and get some laundry done! :D
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