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LA, only one day away! And La Cage...

First of all, I wanted to thank you all SO MUCH for your kind and supportive comments and words of advice in my last post. Big *HUGS* to you all - I will let you know once I've heard anything...

On a completely different note, I'm leaving tomorrow evening for my weekend trip to LA to see Bets in Grease!! I'm very excited to see the show - not only to see Bets (who I haven't seen since February), but to meet her co-star Lowe who was nice enough to friend me on MySpace out of the blue. :) It should be a really fun show! I'm also very excited because I'll be seeing Misty on Sunday in Little Egypt at the Matrix Theatre, then I'm going to the Stella Adler Theatre to meet Linda for a showing of Me Too (which was written by Mark Goffman - who used to be a writer for West Wing and stars Danica McKeller from Wonder Years) - it should be a great show and it'll be SO wonderful to see Linda!!! :)

On a local theatre note, Mark & I just got home from seeing La Cage aux Folles at our local Diamond Head Theatre. It's the second to the last show of the season and I have to say, it's been one of their strongest yet...

Personally, I think the success of any La Cage is very dependent on the person cast as Albin. In this case it was Randl Ask (who I'd first seen in Jesus Christ Superstar at Diamond Head Theatre last year and who directed Enchanted April which we saw at Diamond Head Theatre in February) - he was phenomenal!! To me, Albin needs to be funny, but not played only for laughs - he needs to be sincere and VERY likable from the start. Randl was incredible in the role! He gave Albin the sincerity he needed, the sympathy the part required (but not too much, because we shouldn't really feel sorry for Albin since he's proud of and likes who he is and never apologizes for being himself.) Randl really had the best voice in the cast and he's what made the show so wonderful! Mark & I are extremely exhausted, but we loved the show, if only to see Randl's incredible performance.

Coming up next at Diamond Head Theatre is the last show of the season... Into the Woods in July (the show that we've been waiting for!) We've recently renewed our subscription (we couldn't give up our wonderful seats) and tonight we decided to start checking out other theatres in the area as well (like Manoa Valley Theatre.) :) After all, the only way to get more quality theatre in the islands is to support the local theatre we already have here! :)

Even though I'm ready to collapse, I'd probably better start packing for my trip.... I'm sorry this entry is so disjointed and rushed... It's just hitting me now that my trip is actually tomorrow night and I'm beginning to feel a little stressed about it all. :P Hope you all have a nice evening! I'm off to do some serious packing... or collapse on my bed for some serious, much needed sleep... we'll see which one wins out...
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