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It's so disgustingly HOT...

...I feel like I've been sitting in a sauna for the past few hours! Mark was on his best behavior today since he knows how irritable I get when it's hot and humid like it is today. I think it's time that we looked at investing in an air conditioner... I have all the fans in the house on, but all it seems to do it circulate the hot air... :P I almost wished I was at work today (I said, "Almost!") ;) just so I could sit in the wonderful air-conditioned bank. :) This is going to be a killer of a summer, I can already tell. :P

Spent most of my time today working on new pages for Julie's site and listing more old soap magazines on ebay... So basically I haven't really left my computer upstairs except for an occasional trip downstairs to drink more water... :P

Before I forget, I wanted to quickly welcome dreamofcolors to my journal! :) With a name like "theatrelight" I have no doubts we'll have a few things in common. ;)

The three day weekend is almost over and I have to say that it went by all too fast! I'm thankful for the extra time that I've had to do some web work - but I can't believe it's over already... :(
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