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It's like a sauna in here!! :P

Not only is it hotter and more humid than it's been in a long time here, but my fuzzy dog insists on blocking the air from every single fan we have in the house with her fuzzy little body! ;) We really need to invest in an A/C (which, I know, you hear me say EVERY summer...) but our funds always end up going to fund our trips to NYC and such and somehow the A/C idea always seems to be put on the back-burner. :P

Speaking of putting things on the back-burner, I'm finally making time to actually go to the hairdresser to have my hair done! Those of you who have been reading my journal for a while will know that I absolutely HATE going to the hairdresser... :P It's a pain and a chore and I get around to it maybe once every six months (yes, I know... I'm really bad!) :P I've been thinking recently about doing something drastic to it, unlike the usual highlight and cut that I normally go in for... I was actually thinking of going a little darker, maybe trying something a little closer to my natural hair color. It's been SO long since my hair was that dark, though and I fear that anything darker than what I have now will just be too harsh on me. :P We'll see how much nerve I have tomorrow. ;)

On an LA theatre note, thanks to bigrivermusical I found out that David "be still my heart" Burnham is going to be Fabrizio in the touring company of "Light In the Piazza!!" :) I've been wanting to see David in the role for SO long (I missed him by a mere week in NYC this past trip) and November in LA is hopefully my chance!! :) It's going to be AMAZING... HE is amazing!! :)

Next week will be a busy week for us. :) On Wednesday night Mark & I are going to see the sneak preview of "Cars" - since Mark was able to get some free passes from his work place. :) Then on Thursday night, I'm meeting Susan for our monthly girl's night out dinner. :) We plan to go to Genki for some great sushi!! :D Should be a fun week! :D

I'm off to get some rest... and pry the fuzzy dog away from the fan. ;) Hope you all have a lovely evening!! Big *HUGS*
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