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Just a quick update from LA...

YAY - I'm finally in LA!! I kinda feel like I'm "home" :)... I'm here so often that it really does feel like my second home these days. :) Aside from the horrible flight over, the day has been a pretty good one. :) I got stuck in the middle seat on the plane - I usually pick the aisle because I feel so trapped sitting between two complete strangers... but this was the flight I booked at the last minute and I had to take whatever I could get. Unfortunately because of it, I wasn't able to get any sleep on the flight over (I hate red eye flights!) and got to LA extremely exhausted. :P

The rental car company gave me a pretty huge car... well, actually, they didn't give it to me, I picked it. I've never rented through Dollar at LAX, but when I finished all the paperwork, they actually told me I could pick any car in "section 1" on their lot. It was the first time one wasn't assigned to me! I was pretty happy about that, though because I ALWAYS usually get stuck with the ugly purple car that no one ever wants. ;P This time I chose a Dodge Stratus - which is HUGE! I'm not used to driving cars that are that big - I'm used to really tiny compact cars! It's a good thing I'm not seeing any shows in Hollywood because I would hate to have to parallel park that thing!

The hotel wasn't able to check me in when I arrived, so I went to this great bagel place nearby (The Bagelry) and had a very good cinnamon raisin bagel while I waited for my room. I also went to the market to pick up my food for the week (my hotel thankfully has a full kitchenette so I can save on eating out AND I can eat healthier) :)

When I was finally able to get a room, I immediately checked email and then took a 5 hour nap! My poor sleep schedule is completely thrown off! :( I have read all of your entries, but I'm sorry if I haven't had the chance to comment on all of them - I will get back after the show tonight to comment. :)

Right now, I have to run... I'm meeting Linda in a bit for dinner and then, "Johhny Guitar!" I'm SO excited!! :) Hope you all have a nice evening!! :D
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