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Going home today!! :)

I hesitate to write this entry because the last time I did an "I wish I could stay in LA longer" entry... well, I did! ;P I'm looking forward to going home, though because I really miss Mark & my little fuzzy dog! :( My flight leaves LAX at 3pm... I CANNOT miss it! ;P

Yesterday I spent the entire day rushing around buying omiyage (souvenirs) for my family and friends. :) Went to Trader Joe's and nearly bought the store out ;) - I got specific instructions from my co-workers, Mark, and my Mom on what they all wanted from there. ;) I usually bring an extra bag with me, just to carry home TJ stuff when I travel. ;) Really wish we had one in Hawaii. :(

Went to Petco and PetsMart to buy puppy omiyage for Sydney and Susan's dog, Toby. :) While I was browsing around in the store, I saw the strangest thing... there were Star Wars doggie costumes! :O I actually had to take a picture of it because I know you all won't believe me unless you saw it. ;)

Isn't this hysterical... and disturbing at the same time? ;)

Went to Boston Market and ate away my diet. :( That's another thing I wish we had in Hawaii... :( We have the Boston Market frozen entrees in our local market, but they're just not the same! :P All in all it was a pretty relaxing day, but I am SO ready to come home!!

It was such a lovely trip and so nice to see so many people: Linda :), Carrie, Laura, and Roger :), Daniel and his family, and Steven. My only regret is not getting to see Doug and Lily... :( Well, I'm off to pack up all of my stuff and catch up with all of your entries! Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!! :) *HUGS*
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