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First of all...

... I wanted to thank all of you who responded to my last post. I know I have a lot of soul searching to do this weekend and I really have to determine what's important... I thank you all for taking the time to comment and sending over your wonderful feedback - it really meant a lot to me and I know I ALWAYS say this, but I really do have the best LJ friends around!! Big *HUGS* to all of you!

On a completely different NON-work related topic, Bets sent over some great photos of the cast of the Wonderettes before they sang the National Anthem at the Dodgers game on the 14th. :) It's SO exciting for me to see the excitement surrounding them recently (they're going to be on the cover of the next LA Stage magazine too!) :) For someone like Bets who's loved and been so faithful to the show since its inception - this is really a dream come true and I couldn't be happier for her!!

tick, tick...BOOM!

Speaking of LA theatre, I never did mention the wonderful Sunday of shows Mark & I saw on our last day in LA... We saw the matinee that day of "tick, tick...BOOM!" at the Coronet theatre and though I'd previously seen it, the performance on Sunday was SO much stronger!! Andrew Samonsky was just beyond words that day -- his performance was just SO much more emotional and griping... I actually ended up near tears during his "Why" -- he was just incredible! Tami and Wilson Cruz were both spectacular as always, but Andrew that day... there were no words for his performance! The matinee crowd that day was very small - but very excited and VERY loud! Wilson even called us a tiny, but powerful bunch! Unfortunately for me, I just heard that it's closing on the 27th... :( I wish it would extend just a bit longer so I could see it again. :( The wonderful news in all of this is that it's had just an incredible run!!


Mark & I also saw "Curtains" that evening at the Ahmanson theatre. I know that it's gotten mixed reviews so far, but we genuinely enjoyed it. It's definitely light and comical and there's nothing earth shattering about the show, but the great performances really make it work, I think. David Hyde Pierce is wonderful and has almost a "Bob Martin-like" quality to his character - who's a detective who has a real passion for musicals. :) Sadly, I didn't get to see Jason Danieley in the role of Aaron because he was performing that night at the Ford Theatre, but I did get the chance to see his understudy - Matt Farnsworth (who, incidently was Kevin's understudy in Millie) :) I'm glad I got to see Matt go on, because I've long since wanted to see him go on in a big role and he was great (and pretty easy on the eyes!) ;) We definitely enjoyed the show and were very glad that we saw it. :)

In sad Hawaii theatre news, the "Movin' Out" tour was cancelled! :( It was our first equity tour in over five years and they cancelled it. :( I'm really beginning to wonder if Hawaii will ever get another full fledged equity tour here... Sad as it sounds, I really don't have much hope that it'll improve - it just isn't cost-effective to bring tours here anymore. :P

I'd better run... thanks so much again for all of your support recently!! I really appreciate it!! Hope you all have a lovely Friday!! Big *HUGS* to all of you!!

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