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Happy Birthday to Sydney!!

It seems like we were just picking her up from the pet store yesterday... I can't believe she's 9 years old! And after the scare she gave us a few years ago, every extra year we have with her is a blessing! It's been a LONG time since I've done a Sydney dog photo post, but in honor of her special day, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos of her. :)

I'm thinking three months old, but I'm not really sure. This was when she learned to "sit" :)

This was taken a couple of years ago and really one of my favorite pictures of her. :)

This was the photo that was entered in the Savory Treats photo contest. :) I love that look in her eye. :)

I think Sydney is always a little upset that I travel so much... I think she wishes she could come too!

And of course, everyone knows I LOVE taking silly and embarrassing photos of my poor dog! Poor Sydney!

Poor Sydney! Is she going to be left with any dignity?? ;)

Happy Birthday, Sydney!!

Well, I'm off to vote! Hope you all have a nice weekend!! :D *HUGS*
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