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Primary Elections, web work, Queer as Folk, and Hal Sparks...

So, our primary elections were yesterday... Mark & I took a walk down to the elementary school across the street to cast our ballots yesterday morning and I was shocked at how empty the polling place was... By the time I turned in my ballot, I noticed that only 240 people had voted at that location before me -- and it was almost 10:30am! It astonishes me how some people view primary elections as being so insignificant... :P

We had a VERY heated primary this year for the Democratic nominee for Daniel Akaka's senate seat. Ed Case ran a pretty strong and aggressive campaign trying to oust Akaka. After doing a lot of research and seeing where both candidates stood, I believe I voted for the right candidate, even though I don't agree completely with everything he stands for... And the people of Hawaii must've agreed with me because he won the Democratic nomination last night...

Spent most of the day today working on my current website. I've completed the final version of the shell and I've started entering real content. This is always when it starts to get exciting, because this is when I can finally see the ideas that I've been thinking of, finally come together. :) Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it completely by the end of this week.

And *SIGH*... it's over for now... my Queer As Folk marathon, that is... I finished Season 2 this weekend and ordered Season 3 off of Amazon because it was $70 less expensive than the DVD set at my local Borders... Can you imagine that they're charging $109 for it there? That's insane! The downside to the Amazon order is that it's supposed to arrive the middle of November... what the heck am I going to do until then?? *SIGH*

I'm enjoying the Michael/Ben storyline more than I thought I would... Can't describe what's so attractive about Hal Sparks, but there's definitely something about him - aside from the fact that he's an AMAZINGLY talented actor... I think it's his intensity and the sensitivity that he brings to the role - and his fearlessness in portraying it. A few of my favorite scenes from season 2 include Michael finding Ben's medication in his medicine chest in episode 7 and the dinner table scene when Debbie interrogates Ben about his HIV status - the look on Hal's face throughout the entire exchange was just incredible, and finally the scene where Brian comes to the hospital to comfort Michael when Ben gets ill - as soon as Hal says, "I don't want him to die" - I cry like a baby...

It's kind of amusing, but my Mom is interested in borrowing my Queer as Folk DVDs - since I've been talking so much about it recently. I did warn her though and told her that it was VERY graphic and it makes Brokeback Mountain look like Walt Disney... ;P My Mom's VERY liberal so I don't think she'll mind...

BTW, how inapproriate is my icon usage since I started the post completely talking about the primary elections?

I should run and work on my site a bit more... Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!! :) *HUGS*
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