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The Marvelous Wonderettes!!! Beehive!!!

Just got back from seeing a great double header of shows, "The Marvelous Wonderettes" and "Beehive" - both at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. :)

The Fabulous and Marvelous Wonderettes

First of all, I had been waiting to see this show ever since Bets told me about it - so I was SO excited to see it!! Bets was so sweet and reserved us some GREAT front row seats which I loved!! :) As I was sitting and waiting for the show to begin, a tall blond (who looked SO familiar, but I couldn't place...) came up to me and asked if I was Sheri... She asked me if I minded if she came back to get me in 5 minutes to take me backstage so I could take a photo with girls in their prom dress costumes! It was SO nice of them all - I'm sure they knew how much it would mean to me and they were SUCH dears for doing it!! It really just made my day, okay - I think it made my entire weekend! :)

Gosh, I'm so pathetically short!! ;)

The show itself was SOOOO wonderful! The songs fit quite well with the story of these girls' lives and I was rather surprised at how much of a storyline the show had. :) Everyone was extremely wonderful in the show - but I have to say, I'd forgotten what an incredible voice Kim Huber has... it was just stunning. Of course Bets and Julie were incredible as well - but they always are!! - their physical comedy really can't be beat! And I love Kirsten Benton Chandler as Cindy Lou. She played the most unlikable of the girls, who, at the end really showed the most growth as a character. The whole experience was absolutely amazing!!

And to top off everything - who should be in the audience that afternoon but Misty!! We actually screamed when we saw each other! The only thing I kept thinking when I was hugging her was "You're supposed to be in Utah!!" She said she had three days off so she drove back to see Julie in the show - how sweet is that?? She said that she'd also be at Beehive that night too. :) And I really have to say it now, but I NEVER see the two of them apart - they really are joined at the hip!! :)

It's so funny that I either run into Misty at Julie's show or Julie at Misty's show!! :) Here she is with Bets. They both look fabulous!!

Bets was terrific as always and SOOOO sweet!!

Darn it! Julie looks fabulous in this photo, but I'm about to blink and I look like a dork... oh well!

I also got to see Daniel and his family for the show AND got to see Linda there with her family!! Sometimes I don't even get to see Linda, so it was really wonderful that I got to see her SO much this weekend. :)


After Wonderettes, I went to see the evening showing of "Beehive". Ronn was SUCH a dear and got me such a great seat - he's just terrific!! The show itself was really great!! I usually don't care for review type shows, but this one was fabulous, especially "And the Beat Goes On" which was one of the most powerful and moving numbers in the show. Nick is an absolute genius - he's an amazing director - just brilliant. Kathleen Hennessey was amazing - as was the rest of the cast... She was standing the closest to my seat and I could see her crying during that song - it was amazingly powerful.

So ends my fabulous theatre weekend... Sometimes I get SOOO tired traveling on these short trips, but really once I'm in the theatre and seeing these fabulous shows, I know that it's all VERY worth it! This was exactly the kind of weekend I needed after all my stress at work!! Hope you all have a lovely Discovers' Day tomorrow - I'll be up early catching my flight home. Big *HUGS* to all of you!!
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