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Trying to put together an Ovation outfit and Crispycones?

Tonight is the Ovation Awards... the attire is pretty dressy at these things and though I love going to these things, I've always hated dressing up. :P I have a couple of dresses that I brought along from home for the evening, but I didn't have any jewelry to wear... So today, Mark & I headed out to the Santa Anita Fashion Mall to look around...

After looking at a bunch of places, I finally found this necklace at Windsor - which I think is perfect for the evening. :) Hopefully it'll all look okay together with my earrings, dress, and shoes... I'm not much of a girly-girl so dressing up is a difficult concept for me - I'm mostly a sweater and slacks kind of girl...

Here's my necklace, if anyone is interested...

While we were at the mall, Mark & I encountered "Crispycones" in the food court. Has anyone heard of this place? They take all different kinds of food (pizza toppings, fajita fillers, omelete stuffers, etc.) and bake them and serve them up in cones. I've never seen a place like this before so Mark & I had to try it! Mark had the spicy pork cone and I had the meatball and mozzarella cone - and they were both pretty good! It kind of had the feel of an open hot pocket. :)

Yes, we look really silly here, but we wanted to show off our crispy cones!! :)

Oh well... I'm off to get ready for the big awards show... I'll be back tomorrow morning with a full re-cap of the evening. :) Hope you all have a wonderful night!! Big *HUGS*
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