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The Ovation Awards!!

Mark & I had a wonderful time at the Ovation Awards last night!! I got to see Corliss and Dianne (two lovely ladies I met at the Colony almost exactly one year ago.) It was nice to see them since I hadn't really seen them since "Last 5 Years" in January. :)

Probably one of the best parts of the evening was seeing the cast of "It Came From Beyond" again. :) It was SOOO lovely to see Heather - it's been a while since I've seen her and really - she's the sweetest person! I also saw Todd Fournier who introduced me to his lovely wife (they just got married!!) And of course it's ALWAYS lovely seeing Kevin and Julie!!

The nicest surprise of the evening was running into Bets and Steve outside in the lobby. :) I didn't know that they'd be there, but it was SOOO nice to see them! :) And I could go on and on about what a wonderful time we had, but instead, I thought I'd just post some pictures of the evening.

It was SUCH a difference being in the audience - last year I worked at the Ovations
and this year I just wanted to relax and watch the show.

The highlight of the entire show was hearing Kevin sing his tribute to Jerry Herman.

Kevin's category was announced by Doug Savant Sam Harris thanks Terence!! (the little blur below)
The winner for the category was Bob Martin for The Drowsy Chaperone
(who I LOVED, but remember my Ovation rant earlier??)

The It Came From Beyond contingency was sitting almost directly across from us!
Pictured here is Todd Fournier with his lovely wife and Julie. :)

It was SUCH a lovely surprise to see Bets and Steve there!! :)
Pictured here is Steve, Bets, Julie, and Kevin. :)

Heather Marie Marsden is possibly the sweetest person ever!
She recently broke her thumb - you can see her cast in the picture above. :(

This is my favorite photo of the entire evening! Julie was sweet enough to take it!
My handsome hubby in a suit, me, and Bets - I just love this photo!!

Today is our last day out here so we're going to run around and pick up some things for our families and friends, pack, and get ready to go back home... We've had such a wonderful time here this weekend!! Thanks to everyone who put up with my long travel entries!! Big *HUGS* to you all!!
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