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It feels like Christmas came a little early this year...

...guess which DVD I spent the evening watching?

Hint: It features two of my favorite LA theatre performers :)

Kevin worked out like a maniac (his words, not mine) for that show - and I have to say, it really paid off!!
My friends and I had a lot of fun teasing him about his lack of costume onstage... :)
And I can safely say, after watching the dvd, my interest in seeing Kevin shows has been renewed. :)

Even though I'd seen her onstage before, it was the very first time I'd ever met Bets :)
That alone makes my memories of this show incredibly special!

Also, I won't spend a lot of time on it tonight, but today my Dad would have turned 79... Each year I write a depressing post and spend the day feeling really down about it, but this year I've decided to start a new tradition on his birthday of being thankful that he was alive and in my life for as long as he was instead of being sad that he isn't anymore...

Today also marks the 9 year anniversary of the first day that we brought our fuzzy baby home from the pet store. :) Who would've guessed that she would've become such a HUGE part of our lives (and our hearts...) We're so thankful for every day that we have with her and though she's getting older, she'll always be my little fuzzy puppy. :)

Hope you're all well - I think I may have finally caught up on all the comments and replies - my apologies again for being so distant lately... I haven't been able to have quality internet time for quite a while. Big *HUGS* to you all for being so understanding!
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